Winter Wonderland

The week has zoomed by and tonight we fly out of Anchorage at 1:00 a.m. Just checked the seat map for our flight and there are only about 3 open seats on the whole plane. Not sure the tiny baby angels have my back this time, seating-wise. But hey, they could still come through for me. Or maybe my chunk of a Dark Lord will just slumber peacefully in my arms for 4 hours until they turn white from loss of blood and fall off, at which point I will have to just leave them on the floor because like I want to wake him up.

Finally got a good outdoor shot in my parents' back yard. (Aaaand now all the Alaskans think I'm talking about guns.) TDL thought the falling snow was great, even though as you can see he is STILL refusing to wear his hat, like a turd-bucket. We've had at least 13 inches of snow in the last week, which has me feeling all Christmassy and "let's go drink another gallon of hot chocolate and hey sure I have room for some more brie"-y.

And because I haven't eaten enough in the last week, we are heading to my parents' ward's annual Thanksgiving Dinner over at the church building. My mom was asked to bring stuffing and, get this, funeral potatoes. Does anybody else eat funeral potatoes with their Thanksgiving dinners, or is this just an automatic Mormon Ward Dinner reflex?

More pictures and recaps to come once I'm home!


Elsha said... [reply]

What I want to know is if anyone but Mormons call them "funeral potatoes"

Katria said... [reply]

Funeral potatoes are a part of every holiday family meal (for my family, anyway).

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Never heard of funeral potatoes at a Thanksgiving feast. But I'm sure they'll be eaten.

Bridget Palmer said... [reply]

Good luck on your flight!

abby said... [reply]

We never had funeral potatoes at any ward I attended in the East. At the Thanksgiving dinner, we just have the regular mashed kind.

emandtrev said... [reply]

I don't think I've heard of funeral potatoes for Thanksgiving, but since it's a ward dinner and all...it suddenly makes sense. :)

That photo is fantastic!

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