Any of y'all need some shag carpet in your lives?

A unit is coming open in our small complex (the current renters are moving out this month) and it would please me greatly to have some reasonably normal people move into it. Like the kind who aren't going to try running a meth lab or holding wild late parties or using the bushes for outdoor urination. Stuff like that.

So, Internet friends. Do any of you know somebody who is looking for a place? It's a 2-bedroom apartment for $550 a month. And really, the price is its only selling point. It was for us, anyway. The apartments are from the 1970s (think mustard-colored stoves) and follow the floor plan that pretty much every builder in Utah County was using at that time.

The location is a quiet area of American Fork, close to the freeway, grocery stores, library, fitness center, Costco, and other stuff. Also there is a big dirt patch that you would be welcome to turn into a garden if you so choose. Did I mention the $550 a month part? And that there is free cable? There is no dishwasher, though. Sorry. We bought a portable one off KSL.

If anyone is interested or has questions, email me (miss.nem[at]gmail.com) and I can do my best to answer them or to put you in touch with our manger. She lives in the complex, as does the maintenance guy. You would probably end up having me for a neighbor, but I promise not to howl at the moon or prance naked on the lawn. Much.

ps. No smoking, no pets. I learned my lesson about places that aren't non-smoking.


abby said... [reply]

$550/mo....dang that is cheap. That type of aparment would run you $1100 here in DC. I wish could be your neighbor though. Then I could eat brie and watch TDL.

celeste said... [reply]

Oh man I wish! Apartments in NYC are 3 times that. :(
I have dreamed more than once about finding a cheap little apartment close to family in UT but it doesn't look like that is in our foreseeable future.

AmyJane said... [reply]

$550.....dang......that's so amazing sounding after living in all these crazy expensive places. And I live on the CHEAP side of Seattle.

I wish I could come live by you. It would be epic.

MJ said... [reply]

LOVE the cheap prices in that area.

Good luck! We bought, so we're not going anywhere, but I hope you get better neighbors!!!

kousalya said... [reply]

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