Veggies + s'mores = healthy

I don't have pictures of the house or yard to show you now, please give me a bit and I'll get you some.

But I DO have pictures of all the seedlings I bought today to plant in my part of the vegetable garden. There is a huge plot where "my" yard converges with two of the neighbors' land (all GH's relatives). So they've already rototilled, marked off people's spots, started planting, and have the irrigation system set up. All I had to do was show up and BOOM. I am in temporary posession of 450 square feet of ready-to-go vegetable garden. (Except I probably will want to go get compost. Wonder how much it will cost to cover that much area. Hmm.)

I had a sleepy, cranky Dark Lord with me when I went visit with GH's lovely great-aunt (my soon-to-be next door nighbor), who took us outside to show me the spot reserved for me. TDL spied a cat and was immediately in hot pursuit. Because of the rain we'd had all weekend, I did not know that the garden dirt was actually a muddy sinkhole capable of swallowing cars until my baby stepped forward into it and immediately sank down to his shins before I could reach in and fish him out. Then he wanted to get back down and chase after the cat some more, but I held him tight while he flopped around in my arms, shrieking and flinging mud all over both of us. I backed away and said goodby while trying to assure GH's great-aunt (unsuccessfully I'm sure) that we are usually quite normal and non-crazy people who do not take mud baths.

But anyway. This is today's booty. Jen scoped out a stall at last week's farmers market with amazing seedlings, and asked the owner if she would let us come buy more from her greenhouse this week. So this wonderful woman agreed to meet us and I came away with:

sweet basil
lemon basil
purple basil
lemon cucumber
crookneck squash
yellow bell peppers
red bell peppers
jalapeno peppers
red cherry tomato
yellow cherry tomato (Sun Sugar)
big pink tomatoes

Now I need to go buy seeds so that I can also have:

sugar pumpkins

Also maybe something to wear on my feet. Do they make, like, gardening shoes?

And since I promised s'mores, here is how we capped off Memorial day. S'mores with Jenny & Company is kind of a big deal. This one had Nutella and a Ghirardelli chocolate caramel square inside.

Sir approves.


Señora H-B said... [reply]

Will try not to explode in a white hot wave of jealousy over your vegetable patch that is the size of my new living room. My vegetable patch potential, on the other hand, is several buckets. Next year.

Also, the s'mores look amazing.

Desmama said... [reply]

You and your British ways. Look at that pinkie in the s'mores picture. ;)

Jonathon said... [reply]

Holy crap. How have I never thought of Nutella or Ghirardelli squares on s'mores? You may have just changed my life, Nem.

Though I did invent s'mores on Nutter Butters instead of graham crackers, which are pretty awesome.

springrose said... [reply]

You can get garden clogs at Fred Meyer or Walmart for around $15-$20 they are a sturdy plastic type material and you can just spray them off with a hose and let air dry. I live in mine most of the summer!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Desmama, we can chalk it up to British ways, but the less glamorous truth is that I have a stubby pinky. It probably just couldn't reach the s'more! Sigh . . .

Senora, your buckets will be awesome. It's kind of insane what I see people doing on Pinterest with their container gardens--like the one with the rain gutters along the wall? Serious stuff.

Oh, Jonathon. Welcome. There were also toasted-coconut-covered marshmallows. And Reese's PB cups.

CLOGS. Yes. Thank you, Springrose!

lilcis said... [reply]

Crocs make really good garden shoes. I keep a pair by the front door and a pair by the back. Check their website for deals.

emandtrev said... [reply]

I was planning to comment on all the wonderful things you have planned for your garden, but got completely sidetracked by the s'mores discussion. Dang, Gina.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Plastic clogs made in the UK. But I don't know the brand. Of course, you can get Hunter Wellington boots--try Nordstom in SLC, but they are pretty expensive. Congrats for being such a keen gardener! I finally am dipping in my toe this year.

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