I now know just how insulting it is to be likened unto a cat in heat


Haven't you ever heard that? "So-and-so is behaving like a cat in heat." Possibly it's just something I've read in trashy books, spoken by misogynistic villains (or heroes), but anyway. I know what they mean now, and I'm extra insulted on behalf of women. Because cats in heat? That is some shameless, shameless stuff.

For those who wonder why on earth these cats aren't getting fixed, the only reason they aren't on operating tables right this second is because I am actually house-sitting and don't fancy taking that on myself (or paying for it). My in-laws have plans to get them taken care of just as soon as they get back into town. So I'm just trying to maintain a steady headcount, here.

But seriously, back to the shameless stuff. This poor brown cat is rubbing all over everybody, meowing in a very, um, pleading way, and shaking her behind at anything that moves--including me, the ancient female Black Lab, and the young (neutered) male Shorkie. The Black Lab just looks up at me tiredly, as if to say, "Can you ask her to stop doing this, please?" The Shorkie, however, is all, "Hey, I'm game! Think the white one wants in too?" (Note: the white cat most definitely did NOT want in. But way to think big there, guy.)


Ana said... [reply]

I remember one Summer our family cat looking like he was dying - ragged, and worn and just generally looking exhausted and hounded. We took him to the vet and turns out he hadn't come down with a terminal disease. In fact he wasn't ill at all. Seems his "problem" was that he was VERY "popular". Had him fixed quicksmart poor thing :)

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