The country life suits him

Young Master Dark Lord loves foraging for carrots in the garden, and it's only the most precious thing I've ever seen in life, ever. Right now he goes for the ones planted in a bucket, which I lugged up with me from American Fork. Wait til he finds out that there are So! Many! More! carrots actually in the ground, getting bigger all the time. I hope his brain can keep from exploding.

That box on the right is where the milk man leaves my milk and orange juice on Monday mornings. I love Monday mornings.

Note: that is my neighbor's corn, not mine. Sigh. Mine is hiding further back, all stunted and pale, experiencing late-bloomer angst and maybe writing poems about its feelings as it waits for the ammonium sulfate I recently put on it to kick in. (I didn't know about the whole "put nitrogen on your corn three times" thing. Where were you on that one, Internets?)


emandtrev said... [reply]

Ah, country life certainly does suit him! What a darling little helper you've got there.

Don't feel too bad about your corn. We were late as well. Every time I leave or come home, I pass a house that has a garden that is the envy of all the neighbors. Their corn is thriving! Our doesn't look SO bad--it's just slow.

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