Bring on the fun-sized Snickers, friends!

We are ready for Halloween around here, I think. I've got the porch decorations going on. 

That white box on the porch is where the dairy leaves our milk, because I am living the dream. The hobo spider who has taken up residence inside the box was not part of my dream, but I keep being too lazy to kill it. Plus I don't want to smash it with a milk bottle because I don't want to have to wipe hobo bits off afterwards. These are weighty problems, friends. I think possibly the fake spider on my wreath is attracting followers, because this morning I almost stepped into yet another big ol' spider that was dangling from the door frame. Gross.

We carved our pumpkin last night, and GH was very disappointed that the Tiny Dark Lord was adamantly against putting his hands into the pumpkin goo. It could have been worse, though: I'd gone over to my sister's house the night before with Spitfire to help the Precii carve their pumpkins and it turned out that Ethan's tummy is more sensitive than I remember it. One too many mentions of how ooey & gooey the pumpkin insides were had him gagging and about to empty his own insides into a pumpkin. We narrowly evaded disaster, there. So Spitfire finished up his pumpkin for him. He chose a BYU "Y" logo for his pumpkin to remind all the Aggie neighbors of what the true team is.

TDL was kind of disturbed about GH taking the lid off our pumpkin and kept trying to put it back on.  

 Here's our finished pumpkin. Cheery, non? I'm kind of ridiculously proud of it.


Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Awesome pumpkin. And the door looks great. You are living the dream!

Desmama said... [reply]

Very cute decor. I took a picture of the Y pumpkin yesterday when I was delivering dinner to your sister the whore. Mmmm hmmmm.


Jenny said... [reply]

Spitfire gave up prostitution awhile ago Desmama, I don't think you should just go around calling her a whore.

sarah said... [reply]

You are living the dream, though my dream would not include spiders. My 6 year old has decided his favorite kind of candy is Fun Size, because they are Fun.

Desmama said... [reply]

Touche, Jenny. Touche.

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