SF Day 4 and 5

Ghirardelli salted caramel hot chocolate

J line Metro to the Mission--took me forEVER to realize that what I was looking for wasn't a bus but was a subway. Sneaky. It was like looking for Platform 9 3/4 there for a while.

Gorgeous weather requiring sunblock. GH offered to apply some to the part in my hair and ended up smearing about 1/4 a cup of the stuff in there. So I looked awesome.

Bi-Rite Creamery. I got honey lavender and hazelnut with dandelion cocoa nibs, GH chose salted caramel and banana. We stood in a line of about 10 people at around noon, and when we walked past later in the afternoon that line stretched down the block and around the corner. Well played, in retrospect, us!

Tartine bakery. We snagged the bread pudding with strawberries, a morning bun, and pain au chocolate to go, which I munched on all afternoon. Have to say though that the bread pudding, while delicious, was soggier than I prefer. The quiches and croque monsieurs looked amazing.

Imagiknits yarn store was nearby, so I snagged a cuddly skein of Malabrigo Worsted to make the fetus a San Francisco souvenir.

Beet salad at Dolores Park Cafe. I had to stop texting my sister Jenny to tell her every time restaurants had gluten-free breads and macaroons because I would have been texting her constantly. Also, I love all the beautiful water dispensers with the mint leaves and lemon slices inside.

Japantown, where I checked out bento box cuteness but didn't have time to wait in the massive lines. Probably for the best, since maybe those things were full of chemicals anyway.

Kabuki Sundance Theatre, watched Much Ado. Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker, who played the leads, were there to introduce the film and did a Q&A afterwards. The movie was lots of fun, and I enjoyed hearing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Then GH grabbed some chicken at Popeyes, which had the distinction of being the filthiest eating establishment I've ever been in. (And some of you have seen my kitchen.) I wasn't hungry but this place would have tanked my appetite.

Losing steam. GH has gotten stronger and more used to the constant walking, whereas I started strong but get slower every day. Plus either the pregnancy or the shift in elevation or both has my gravity all off and I feel like the ground is moving under me. Which is fun. Took it easy today (Day 5) and killed time in low-key ways, like checking out the Westfield Mall food court, which was amazing and had all these local restaurants and served food on actual dishes instead of paper or plastic. Also we paid eleventy-million dollars to see a matinee of The Croods, until it was time to catch the Bart to the airport, whereupon we learned about the...

...cancelled flight. Yeah. Mechanical something. So now we are in a hotel in South San Francisco and will catch a flight tomorrow morning.

I really was ready to get home, and I wasn't going to be able to wait until the morning to sneak into the Dark Lord's room and pick him up and snuggle him. I had to settle for a FaceTime conversation with him where we sang Old McDonald before Spitfire put him to bed. She and my sister-in-law are saving the day tomorrow by trading off so TDL doesn't have to get picked up by Family Services or whoever it is who takes in abandoned children.

Wish us luck that things will go smoothly tomorrow!

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Jenny said... [reply]

That really is so lame about your flight and not getting back when you wanted to. Also, I will never get tired of hearing about the food you ate. If you wrote and entire post about Popeyes I would skip it, but I am so excited to go spend a good portion of time eating in SF now!

Bridget said... [reply]

I really enjoyed reading about your trip and all the FOOD. Everything (except Popeye's) sounded so delicious. Thanks for the pictures, too. I hope you get home soon!

Liz Johnson said... [reply]

You had me at "beet salad."

lilcis said... [reply]

My BIL works with Boeing and recently attended a course on human error factor in aviation disaster or some such frightening title. Anyway, after hearing his stories I will NEVER AGAIN complain about a flight being delayed or cancelled due to mechanical issues. As far as I'm concerned they can take their sweet time checking and double checking and triple checking those planes before taking off!

Aside from that, glad you had such a great trip! I haven't been to SanFran in years and really need to make it back out there!

deerhollow said... [reply]

Fun to hear about your trip. I love your cute food-E-ness. I so much like that. SO glad you and hubby had a nice little vacay!

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