A tisket, a tasket

The Dark Lord and I are still not really well and have been home coughing up bits of lung for the past week. But this morning, so help me, we were going to do something fun and then Instagram that mess. Because that's how you know it's good. (Also if it has bits of real panther in it, but I digress.)
I'd noticed a Utah State student-run organic farm close to campus with this sign out front:

Figured today would be a good day to go spend some time picking (and eating) strawberries, so the Dark Lord and I grabbed our straw hats and drove over.

It was a perfectly delightful 20 minutes. At first TDL was really enamored with and protective of the small green berry basket we used to hold the picked berries, so much so that he refused to eat any of the strawberries and yelled at me when I had a taste. "Basket! Basket!!!" But then he caved and ate one, and after that it was ON.

We filled our little basket, gave the nice students two dollar bills, and called it good. Now TDL knows that strawberries come from a plant. Yay. And I will go add this to our Summer Bucket List and then cross it off so it seems like I'm making progress. I am crafty in that way.
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Kayla FrecklesinApril said... [reply]

Kind of unrelated, but since you mentioned IG- what's your instagram name and can I follow you?

Cathy Harrell said... [reply]

Nice pics. I am still shocked when I see pictures of people in shining daylight wearing short sleeves. It catches me so off guard.

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