Memorialing it all over the place

Yes, this is me playing catch-up.

And THIS is us keeping it classy.

We had a good Memorial Day. Best thing about it? No snow!! (That's happened.)

First was a big waffle breakfast with GH's extended family, followed by a visit up to the cemetery to put flowers on his grandpa's grave.

Had to keep the Tiny Dark Lord from stealing stuff from graves--there were a lot of balloons and pinwheels and wind chimes and things decorating the nearby tombstones.

I ran out of energy after this and took a long Memorial Day nap, which was awesome.

Capped off the day with hot dogs and s'mores at my sis-in-law's new fire pit, like true Americans, albeit true Americans who take an embarrassingly long time to get a fire going. Girl's Camp was a long time ago, okay?

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Cathy Harrell said... [reply]

I know someone who could start a fire in their sleep. And probably has.

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