First-world problems: picking real names AND online alter-egos

Picking boy names is hard for me. I have loads of girl names that I love, but boy names are harder. I just don't love a ton of them. But I do like the name we finally chose for the new wee one:

Tanxson Willyum

Hah! I kid. Actual name:

Thomas Kent

Kent is a family name on GH's side, and Thomas is a family name on my side. Plus Tom is the name of a couple of British actors I fancy at the moment--Hardy and Hiddleston, which kind of sealed the deal for me.

And now I need to pick a blog name. Flirted with the idea of Tom Riddle, but then thought it might be weird if he and the Tiny Dark Lord were, technically, named after the same person. So, in keeping with the general theme, please welcome little Loki!

Don't let the sweet smile fool you. Kid's dark. Real dark.

The nice bonus for me is that when I say Loki I don't have to actually mean this (although, kind of hey there . . . )

I can also really secretly be thinking of this:

And also this:

Do you guys know about Tom Hiddleston? Because you need to. I first saw him on Return to Cranford where he was the rich boy all in love with the sweet poor village girl and rescuing her from train wrecks and stuff even though his father Jonathon Pryce disapproved. Also he played F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris and does an awesome Owen Wilson impression

And it turns out that there are a bunch of "Hey Girl" type memes out there with him in them, only instead it's "Hello Darling," which, perfect.

I bet the makeup artists for the Thor movies and The Avengers were so sad to have to turn this pretty and charming man all pasty and stringy-haired. I mean look at that hair (which, now that we are speaking of hair . . . )

Yeah. Awesome hair is just one more thing they have in common.

Also, watch this. At the depths of my baby blues, this gave me a much-needed moment of delight. Let it also be unto you, my friends.


Rachael said... [reply]

You have chosen perfectly! His curl is killing it. And now if you'll excuse me I have to go watch those videos a dozen more times.

Liz Johnson said... [reply]

Um, those videos are amazing.

(if you need a laugh, you should look up the clip of Kristen Schaal on The Daily Show last night about halloween costumes. SO FUNNY.)

Also, I love love love that name. That's absolutely perfect! And he is so, so, so cute. You should probably post a million more pictures.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

Wheeeeere is LOKI?


Bridget said... [reply]

Those videos were so great! Thanks for sharing them. I love the alter-ego name. Also, Shakespeare in Love WIN.

Anna B said... [reply]

I too met TH for the first time on Return to Cranford! Dreamy. He's also in the Wallander series--worth watching, if you haven't yet. A little dark, tho (speaking of dark).

Great job on the baby. He's beautiful.

Anna B said... [reply]

just watched the owen wilson impression--brilliant!!

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Great name!

I've been wondering what people were seeing in him. But now I know.

Scully said... [reply]

Have you watched the adaptations of Henry IV parts 1 & 2 and Henry the V with TH as Hal/Henry V? The are sitting on the DVR just waiting for me to have time to watch.

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