Update #2: My Welsh Love

Oh yeah, this happened:

I met Ioan Gruffudd and he put his arm around me and we took a picture together. It was brief, but it happened.

GH was at the Comic-Con FanXperience in SLC this spring, because that is where the attractive (and some not-so-) nerds go. I drove down to SLC with the kids to meet up with Jenny and her kids. We checked out the Natural History Museum of Utah, including its special exhibit on chocolate (read: why we were really there).

After the museum, GH snuck me into the Salt Palace with an extra press pass and I that is how I got to meet one of my favorite imaginary boyfriends ever. (Check my archives for proof. I mention him at least 20+ times. Like here. And here.)

Le sigh . . .

Ioan winked at me while I was waiting to see him and I swear I stopped breathing. And then he called Loki "a little beauty" which, true, and also just look at how much we have in common, we both think Loki is beautiful . . . ahem.

Many thanks again to my good husband for sponsoring this special moment. I promise that if I ever meet Natalie Portman I will hang on to her for dear life until you can get there. Let's hope she's not litigious. Or a biter. 

Other Comic-Con moments, all of which were lost on the Tiny Dark Lord:

He was too afraid of Olaf to even get in the picture.

A tiny Tardis! Precious . . .


Janssen said... [reply]

Oh my word. That is like. . . my dream come true. I'm just going to go back and stare at that photo for a few more minutes.

Bridget said... [reply]

WHAT. So cool!

Kayla FrecklesinApril said... [reply]

When I opened this post in my reader and that picture came up I literally said HOLY CRAP out loud.

You are living the dream, my friend.

Rachael said... [reply]

Hooray, you're blogging! I was so excited to see a post from you that I actually saved it to read when I had time to savor it, and then you got all fancy and I got to read two posts in a row while pumping in the crappy privacy room at work. I'm grateful for the white noise machine I have in hear so no one could hear me snorting.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Janssen, Bridget, Kayla, I'm glad you get how momentous this was! And oh my gosh, the Welsh accent . . .

Rachael, you are killing me. Glad I could enhance the pumping experience!

Cathy said... [reply]

When Ioan was winking at you I bet he was thinking how awesome it is that beautiful women are still having babies and therefore making the world a more wonderful place to live!

Monica said... [reply]

Awesome! I'm afraid that the TDL is not sufficiently impressed by the TARDIS, though! :)

elliespen said... [reply]

Oh, my. I just lost my train of thought there when I saw that picture. *swoon*

Nemesis said... [reply]

Mom, that's a great thought but I bet he was probably thinking, "I'll wink at her. The moms love it when I wink." Except maybe he thought it in Welsh.

Monica, he was not. We will have to work on that.

Elliespen, RIGHT?? I just . . . yeah.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

How envious am I! I have loved him since that BBC series where he's the military guy--middle-aged brain ensuring that I won't remember the name until eleven tonight...

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Horatio Hornblower. See, I knew I would remember eventually.

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