Yeah, I'm pretty much HTML's daddy

Check out my cool new sidebar image! I won't even tell you how long it took me to figure that mess out. It's too embarassing.

I saw the image on Petullant's blog and knew I had to have it. So I asked the lovely Stella Marrs for permission, because even though I love me some pirates I don't actually want to BE one in this case. She said that would be just fine. And she almost didn't have to worry, since I nearly chucked the whole thing in an HTML-induced rage. You should go check out her catalogue though--there's some great stuff on there.

And speaking of pirates and those who have an unhealthy affinity for them, I finally caved and watched the 2003 Peter Pan last night. I really liked it--visually it was just beautiful. And it was more mature than I'd expected.

Most of all, it was 100 minutes of proof that Jason Isaacs is, in fact, my Evil Boyfriend. The man is just delicious as Captain Hook, and I could totally see why Wendy considered dropping Boy-band Peter for him. I would've. He's equally tasty as Lucious Malfoy, btw. And heaven help me for this one, but I even kind of dug him in The Patriot. I know, I know! He's burning women and children alive and all I can think is 1) "Mel is gonna kill you . . . " and 2) "Man that voice is like silk. Show me your pretty eyes again."


CoolBoyH said... [reply]

Chances are, he's not going to look that pretty getting his butt kicked in a later Harry POtter movie.

CoolBoyH said... [reply]

More of a, wow, he's lame, look.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Again, shut UP with the negative comments about my boyfriends! Don't make me use my Skymiles to hop on a plane and head up to the Great White North to teach you some manners.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

You have no shame when it comes to your boyfriends. And you know what? I think that's awesome!

Laura said... [reply]

Stella Mars is pretty fantastic. My second favorite postcard of hers is the "She can have a tummy and still be yummy!" one. See here:

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