Luggage Part II

So remember how I picked out that handsome new Samsonite Spinner a few weeks ago? Now I've found him a little sister and she is a cutie. This makes me have yet another thing in common with Angelina Jolie.

Please say hello to my new Atlantic Citrus Cherry Two-Piece Luggage Set. It comes with this funky-looking "sling bag" that I will probably never use. Also, you should know that the cherry red color is darker than this picture makes it look.

I think this means I have officially Arrived. Gone are the days of the military-issue green duffel bag, held together with safety pins and duct tape. Banished are the black suitcase sets purchased at Shopko, covered in skid marks and dog prints and moose tracks. I am now The Girl with The Cool Luggage.

But, in the spirit of full disclosure, there's something I should tell you.

It's expandable.

Yeah. I don't even want to talk about it.


Cicada said... [reply]

Since we're not talking about it and all, I won't mention that I am very excited to go to Canada and use my expandable carry-on as my only piece of luggage. I think that the expansion will trick them and they won't figure out that I've expanded it beyond their carry-on limits. But what's a girl to do? I need to run to the Greyhound terminal as soon as my plane lands in Buffalo so that I can make it across the border. I certainly can't wait for them to unpack my luggage!

But we're not talking about that, and so I say only, congratulations on an excellent purchase. It seems to me that citrus cherry red luggage is a more stylish way of easily picking your bag off of the luggage carousel than marking it with a duct tape X. Good job.

Kiki said... [reply]

I have the cherry red Atlantic luggage set. I LOVE IT in all of it's expandable glory. Mine is a 3-piece set: a large suitcase, a rolling carry-on, and the sling bag, which is very useful I have found. My favorite thing about the suitcase is that the front pocket unzips and can be doubled as a hamper. All of my dirty clothes: BAM! NEW HOME where they don't intermingle with my clean clothes. And the color is beautiful.

Before the cherry-red set, I had a black one. In the Charles de Gaulle airport, a large, hot metal thing stabbed my bag and everything in it, melting plastics and vinyls (you should have seen the mess the tampons were in...it was artwork almost), putting similar round holes in clothing, and crushing crushables. It was horrible. And I STILL went back to Atlantic because it's so nice and convenient.

ambrosia ananas said... [reply]

Moose tracks? Sweet love, what do you Alaskans *do* on the way to the airport--fight through raging streams of wildlife, beating them off with your bare hands while they trample your luggage? No wonder you all have such great muscles.

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