Stupid Kenai

So the stupid Kenai peninsula decided to catch itself on fire, and all the smoke decided to head on up to Anchorage and Eagle River (where my parents live) yesterday. The morning dawned with a clear blue sky, but within a few hours it was like living on the set of "Backdraft" or something ridiculous.

Here's the thing--you get clear sunny days around here so infrequently that they're like this precious, precious gift. And everyone starts calling in sick to work and putting on short shorts to showcase their halibut-white legs. So to receive a gorgeous day like that and then to have it thwarted by smoke so thick that you can't even see your neighbor's house just not fair.

Some people still tried to make the best of it. The Eagle River Bear Paw Festival is going on this weekend and I saw a bunch of hardy Alaskans putting their children on the pony rides and browsing through booths with their red-rimmed eyes and hacking coughs.

Around midnight last night, things started clearing up. Today's weather: Cloudy and 63 degrees. Humph.

On a brighter note, Coolboy only has about 100 pages left of Harry Potter 6, and then he will give it to me. And we're visiting his place of employment for lunch. If anyone would like to make recommendations, feel free.


Streets of Belfast said... [reply]

I hope you went with the long-line caught rockfish or the wild mushroom ravioli.

CoolBoyH said... [reply]

Rocking Foods from Orso:

The articoke-spin dip.
fried ravioli.
the "revolutionary" in the title of the garlic bread may seem a bit gawdy, but its' dang good.
The calamari is also quite tasty, and i'm not usually into that stuff.

The orso burger is like a mountain of burger goodness.
and even though it's not on this menu, there's a Prime Rib sandwhich that's just plain awesome.

The citrus spinach salad is awesome aswell. There's these little candied calnuts as a garnish that are all kind of good.

All you need worry about is the Ribeye. Seriously. I took a bite, and I was risen to a higher plane. I'm very confident that it's the best thing any human could put into their mouths.

Nemesis said... [reply]

I got the citrus spinach salad, which had possibly the best feta ever on there. And I had the Meatball & Spanish Rice Soup.

Mmmm . . . soup. Good times, good times.

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