My weather pixie

I think she might be on crack.

57 degrees? What the heck?

We may need to have an intervention.


Th. said... [reply]

I sympathize with the pixie, although my problem is not crack-warped weather but itchy legs. I suspect these maladies may be similar.

Cicada said... [reply]

Is it bad of me to yearn for cooler weather? My swamp cooler isn't the greatest. You know this. You've sweated in my living room before.

daltongirl said... [reply]

You know what else is on crack, and which I have gently pointed out numerous times? Your counter, that's what. How 'bout an intervention there, huh?

Th. said... [reply]

I think she's right. I believe it's about 200 less than last time I looked.

Red said... [reply]

If you have a pixie that tells you the weather I wonder if you may be on crack..

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