Pass the Depends, please

Because I'm officially old. Last night I went over to Cicada's lovely and well-furnished home, now complete with bliss-inducing ceiling fan (which will feature very soon in this story). We were supposed to be watching A Room with a View together.

She made us pina coladas, I set up the ground rule that I don't actually watch the part where the naked Englishmen frolick around in the pond, but that she was more than welcome to, and we got started.

But it turns out that my bedtime is 9:30 or something, because I fell asleep pretty much 5 minutes in, lulled by the BICF (as mentioned in the first paragraph). I woke up for the scene where George just BAM kisses Lucy Honeychurch in the field w/the sun and the barley and the my pulse is gettingfastersoletsjustleaveit. Woke up again for the scampering naked men scene, but totally slept through the tennis scene and everything else until the very end.

I'm such a loser. One of the best kissing-and-what-leads-up-to-it-and-the-declaration-of-love-that-follows-it scenes in film and I'm too busy being asleep with my knitting and my spectacles and my 6 cats sucking out my breath. I possibly don't even deserve to be a twentysomething, or a Singleton.

But enough of that. I need to go get ready for the Shakespearean Festival. My mom asked me, "This isn't one of those things where people run around in jousting outfits, is it?" I told her I didn't think so. I'm driving down w/Mom, Cicada, Kitty, and Streets, on account I'm pretty much the luckiest girl ever. If I can get any of them drunk, I'll take pictures and post them for you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go pull my tavern wench outfit out from behind the bed.


Cicada said... [reply]

I TOTALLY FAST-FORWARDED THROUGH THAT SCENE! I TOTALLY FAST-FORWARDED! It's not my fault that it was on DVD and I only have a PS2 on which to play movies, so the fast-forward was slow and the images of naked frollicking men were still crystal clear (only faster!) And it's not my fault that I forgot about the part where Mr. Beebe is getting out of the water (but it actually serves as good incentive to stay single!) or about the part where they just stop and talk to naked Freddy and his fantastic, fantastic hair!

Anyway, as far as the whole George thing goes, I basically looked forward to going to bed for the rest of the night so that I could dream of him. [sigh]

daltongirl said... [reply]

I love that scene, actually. It's hilarious. Big fan of Simon Callow, but in the words of that one woman on that one show, "I don't care much for his penis." This was in reference to Harvey Keitel in The Piano, but I believe it applies here as well.

I hope you can do something especially wonderful for Cicada on your little excursion to Shakespeareville, because she's giving up an opportunity to get engaged in order to be with you. Hmph.

Also, how much stuff can you possibly fit under your bed? I mean, the Pottery Barn stuff, the wench outfit . . . I bet it's getting pretty croweded under there.

DanaLee said... [reply]

Clearly I am broken. I really, really, really hate that movie. I also really, really, really, hate the book. What is wrong with me? That is typically just the sort of business I adore. That running around the pond necked scene..so annoying!

Coop said... [reply]

I'll loan you a couple of my depends when I come up your way today. They really help.

Kelly said... [reply]

I LOVE that movie! Although, I must say with the flopping that goes on in that scene, it's less erotic than silly.

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