Weekend Highlights


Friday night is a blur--must've been all the liquor.

Streets of Belfast bought our tickets for the Utah Shakespearean festival. Yay for Irish plays!

Did absolutely nothing productive on Saturday. It was marvelous.

Bought a huge bin of fresh blueberries at Costco, so have been adding them to all my foods. Check me out with my antioxidants.

Saturday night dinner at Ottavio's w/the girls. Had possibly the best tomato soup in existence. It was this creamy tomato basil soup, and there were little bits of tomato and onion in there. Next time I'll just ask for a vat of that and skip the pasta. Got the portobello ravioli w/basil cream sause, by the way. Also good, but not as good as the soup. Then the 4 of us split the monster chocolate cake.

Lovely roasted chicken dinner Sunday night at Savvymom's, followed by brownies w/peanut butter & chocolate ice cream.

Coolboy is burning me (shhhhhhh!) a copy of the Wicked soundtrack for my birthday. (To see the complete list, see the sidebar.)

Scrapbooked with Savvymom and had an epiphany: I don't like to scrapbook.

  • I'm not good at it, as I have no visual creative abilities.
  • I have bins and bins of scrapbooking supplies and pictures. They sit in my closet and grow dust.
  • I still haven't finished scrapbooking my England study abroad, and it was six years ago.
  • Leaning over those pictures makes my back hurt, and at my age you shouldn't be messing around with that sort of thing.
  • My handwriting is sloppy, so even when I do manage to painstakingly design a page of beauty, I ruin the whole thing by writing on it.
  • And no, I don't have a printer. Or cute fonts. Or a million dollars.
  • I buy piles and piles of stickers, somehow thinking that stickers will turn crap into art. Turns out they won't.
  • I have possibly been going through an ugly phase for the past couple of years, so haven't felt too enthused about recording such times for posterity.
  • I've started "forgetting" my camera because I can't bear the thought of adding more pictures to the Piles of Guilt.

So. After discussing the matter with my Brain Trust (Savvymom, Amy Jane, and AA) I have come to a decision. No longer shall the Piles of Guilt ensnare me in their poison'd coils. As Savvymom rightly pointed out, I am "more of a writer, as opposed to an artiste." So I need to just go with that and not worry about making the things cute. Pictures, brilliant description/story taken from blogs/emails/journals, maybe printed out in a cool font, done. In gratitude for her good idea, Savvymom will be receiving the Bins of Guilt and Shame and their contents.


I've sort of been slacking off on the whole working out thing, so now I'm getting (more) out of shape yet again. Dangit.

None of the highlights included any kind of sweet sweet lovin' from the male persuasion. Sigh.

The "check engine" light came on in my car. Great.


Savvymom said... [reply]

BRING ON THE BINS OF GUILT. I think you probably need to buy more of those photo adhesives before you leave....

Cicada said... [reply]

I'm really not much of a scrapbooker myself... I just go digital and file all my pictures on my computer. Nice, easy, no hassle... until my computer crashes and my harddrive dies and I realize that I never made any backup copies of my precious, precious memories. But that hasn't happened yet.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey. Let the recent hardware fiasco up here be a lesson to you, Cicada!

Lora said... [reply]

Like you, I can't scrapbook but I can write, so I just buy really nifty looking photo album and write witty captions next to the photos. That way it seems like I put forth effort, but really I just bought a book and stuck pictures in it. You should try it. That way, you could make your Pile of Guilt shrink and not have to feel inadequate at artsy crap.

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