Hello, you're not that tall.

Those were my landlady's first words to me. I think we'll get along fine.

Thanks to everyone who kept their fingers crossed for me. I'm here, I'm well, and I'm freezing.

Virgin Atlantic airlines is cool, just so you know. You have this personal TV with hours of movies and games and tv shows and music and all kinds of stuff. I watched the pilot episode of House, so still managed to get my Tuesday-night Hugh Laurie fix, even though I was on a plane. Isn’t technology keen? The hot meal was very good and included Tillamook cheddar, which is pretty much all it takes to make my day. Then they brought around bags with an eye-mask and earplugs. I had trouble sleeping, though, which made me very sad.

Also, remember my Samsonite Spinner? I officially want to marry it and have its babies. Everyone else ran through the airport pushing around those Smart Carts, careening all over the hallways and running into people. I thought I was going to have to drag my two suitcases behind me while lunging around in the manner of Frankenstein or other ambulatory-challenged individual. But I didn’t account for the beauty and glory that is my sweet Spinner. Because it has the 4 wheels, it doesn’t NEED to be hauled. I just pushed it in front of me and dragged my carry-on bag behind like some brisk, capable, with-it person. It was like a beautiful dance. Everyone was envious, I’m pretty sure. At least that’s what I think they were muttering about as I waltzed by.

Also I love my suitcase because I was able to pack all of my stuff in one half of the case, only then I had a minor panic attack because suddenly I worried that I hadn’t packed enough stuff and maybe I wasn’t bringing enough clothes with me. Some of you are now rolling your eyes and saying, “Well, of course you didn’t bring enough clothes! This is you we’re talking about. You only take two shirts on business trips and then you have to buy more halfway through the week." Yes, you have my number. But I have my precious precious down comforter and Egyptian cotton sheets, which I vacuum-packed and put in the empty other half of my suitcase, along with a winter coat and a flute and a baby rhinoceros. Who’s rolling their eyes now, huh? (It’s probably still you.) And anyway, that was all part of my plan. Now I get to go to H&M and spend all the clothes money I’ve been saving up. I’d better do it fast, too, before my better financial judgment kicks in.

That passport check took about 11 million years, I tell you. It’s a weird thing, those lines. You are doing the switchback thing, so you see the same people over and over again for 45 minutes, but you have to avoid eye contact and pretend that you don’t see them over and over again. Here were some of the people I kept seeing:

Middle-aged black man in a suit, carrying a very girly black & red carrier bag that had words like “groovy girl” and “really glam” and “Posh!” written all over it.

Young Muslim woman wearing a head scarf and long black robes. She was completely covered, but she was wearing black sequined flip flops, lots of rings, and was text-messaging on the flattest coolest cell phone I’ve ever seen.

The iPod people, who made up 1 out of every 5 people in line. One woman was in a completely different line at the other end of the room and I could hear her music. Also she was wearing 4-inch leopard-print porn shoes. Those who have heard me talk about porn shoes will know what I’m talking about. I have no idea how anyone can wear something like that on an international flight and while standing in all those lines. I’m wearing my Chacos today, and am very grateful to them. I was less grateful, though, when I dropped my laptop case on my foot and gave myself some kind of lesion. Or fracture.

Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping and getting my bearings on campus. I'll also be telling you more about my room and posting some pictures so you can tell me what to do with it. Best to start thinking now about what you would do with a room decorated in pink and green.


CoolMom said... [reply]

So happy to "hear" from you. And notice who was checking your blog first!!! The one who loves you the most!!! Now, by "most" I don't mean I love you more than I love other people, I just mean that I love you more than all the other people who love you, or all the other people you know. Understand. You know I must say this because of the the other people who will try and twist my words. Glad things are going well. I wish I was someplace cool like Europe or the UK or Hawaii or Provo. Haha, just kidding about Provo, although I'm sure it's warmer. It's very chilly here to. And we have termination dust as well.

Jaime said... [reply]

I'm so very glad that you made it! I have been thinking about you and wondering about your trip. Are you settling in okay? When does school actually start? Miss you already!

Miss Hass said... [reply]

She's aliiiiiiive! And you're still hilarious after all that traveling. I'm so happy that your suitcase has given you so much joy. I can't wait to hear more about all of your crazy British adventures!

Kelly said... [reply]

Hurrah! So glad you made it. And now I want a Samsonite Spinner too.

The room: you could always do an homage to Miami Beach.

Savvymom said... [reply]

Savvy loves nem the most. What are you thinking coolmom? I'm sure you are a close second though.
Sorry about the foot. Sounds painful. Do you know who ALSO has an ipod? House. Lucky.... Let me know how the shopping goes. try not to buy only cheese and chocolate. Be strong.

chosha said... [reply]

On the subject of chocolate, I highly recommend Cadbury, which we also have in Australia. Blows American chocolate out of the water.

Cicada said... [reply]

Oh, so good to hear that you got in safely! Post pictures soon because I'll love to tell you what to do! So do you have internet at home? Or else how often will you have internet access? It doesn't really feel real to me that you're gone... gone! Excuse me now while I cry myself to sleep.

Streets of Belfast said... [reply]

Hurrah you are here. When are you coming to visit me? We do not have an H&M in Belfast (that I've seen) so perhaps I should come visit you--and Ikea.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hi Mom, I love you the most too! And by that I mean that I love you more than the other bros and siss do.

Yay, it's Jaime! School doesn't start til Monday, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do until then, since no one's told me.

Hi Hass! I will endeavor in all things to be as funny as you think I am.

Lovely idea, Kelly. I'll, um, think about that one. Yes. And my fingers are still crossed for you!

Hello my sister. I love Savvy the most too. I won't even talk about the Trail of Tears that the SLC airport almost became.

Chosha--Eating some Right This Second.

And I NEED you to tell me what to do, Cicada. So here they come!

Streets, hello! I got your package and you're the best! You should definitely come here because we can go to Nottingham and hit Ikea and H&M!

Coop said... [reply]

Ahh, pride in Oregon cheese.

And welcome to There! I look forward to many posts raving about sexy accents and funny-looking people.

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