I never promised you a rose garden

Okay, it's not letting me post all the photos I want, but these two should give you an idea. As you can see, it's a good-sized room. The desk is nice and big, and I have lots of storage space.

The pink walls and green carpet aren't bad--the colors themselves are fine. It's just the rose stuff that's throwing me. My landlady did this for her mom back when her mom lived in this room, and I'm sure she loved it. I personally love red, but don't know if that would be one of those "adds color and pizazz to the room while working w/the existing scheme" things or one of those "you're colorblind and not in touch with reality" things. Can you even do red curtains against a pink wall? I have to buy a duvet cover for sure, though, so I would like to have a vision worked out before I buy anything.

Any suggestions/orders would be most helpful!


Savvymom said... [reply]

No suggestions. You've seen my apt and I can't even do anything with that. This is a job for... CICADA.. I think she needs a theme song.

Coop said... [reply]

I'd help but... I can't. It's not in my DNA. I do wish you luck though. And I advise to cover up as much pink as possible. I don't like pink.

JB said... [reply]

Your room looks awesome! I'm pretty dang jealous, I love the UK!

As far as the color scheme goes, I would suggest a mauve duvet cover and/or curtains. It's redder than what you've got but not really pink, and it won't clash with the pink that's already there.

But then, sometimes red and pink go really well together.

gregory hines said... [reply]

Must-have additions:
A 100-gallon saltwater wrap-around fish acquarium.
Fake potted plants and vased flowers.
An egg-chair would blend in there perfectly.

Julie said... [reply]

Yes I would say mauve / violet too. It goes pretty well with pink. Not sure I would like the pink floral effect too much either, but a darker colour will probably reduce the effect of it. Can you put up pictures?

Miss Hass said... [reply]

If it were me...I might go for a duvet in the cream family. Only because you might be able to use it in another room someday. Whereas, if you, say, had an aversion to pink in decorating (as I do), and then purchased a pink duvet, you might regret it later. You could also go for a green duvet. Ooh, I like that. Green!

PS--The desk rocks! Also, I would like to marry the Samsonite Spinner as well. Do you think polygamy's an option?

edgy killer bunny said... [reply]

What I would do (and let me interject here that I personally think it's odd that a total stranger, like me, is giving you advice, but I think you're way cool, so I'm going to do it anyway) is add some solids to the decor to give the room some weight. I would do this with both the curtains and the duvet. The pink isn't a bad color to work with, and a mauve or green would look nice. Even perhaps a rich navy. But with everything being floral and light, the room doesn't seem to have any weight. But that's just my opinion.

kit said... [reply]

Wow, you weren't kidding. Is there an Ikea anywhere near...you can do anything with Ikea gear.

Spitfire said... [reply]

My room came with two big white bulletin boards already plastered to the walls. Yeah, the corkboard part is white, too. They match the walls and are so ugly and stupid and I tried to just rip them down but it wouldn't work. So I decided to just cover the bulletin board with a color paper or fabric so that they aren't so ugly and stained and nasty. My point is that I think we should compare your bedroom walls to my bulletin boards. Something things are just a lost cause, and I think you should just get something to completely cover all of your walls with. Maybe really big sheets could be stapled up. . .I knwo this sounds extreme (because it is) but some things just suck and can't be helped--like your room.

Cicada said... [reply]

So here it comes---my advice. After thinking about it for hours today (you think I'm kidding) I've come up with the following as my advice and counsel:

1) The room is actually very cute. It may not be everything you've ever dreamed of. It may not be what you would ever choose to do with a room. But it has been put together by a person who gave it time and effort and careful planning. I personally think that she did a great job. What you have to remember is that although it's not totally you, it's only yours for a year, and for a year, you can live there quite comfortably.

2) Since it's not entirely your style and since you're only going to be living there for a year, then you'll want to buy things that will look good now, but that you will be able to use in your dream room after grad school. Personally, I think that the best color for a bed spread and matching curtains here is green. However, if you love red and plan on having red be a dominant color in your post-grad-school bedroom, then unless your name is Mrs. Claus, you're not going to want to get the green bedspread.

Colors that will work well with this room, in order of wellness, are:

Green---will not go well with dominant red later
Mauve or cranberry---also will not go well with dominant red later
Cream---will work with the room now even though it wouldn't work as well as mauve or green, but will look fantastic in a room with a dominant red
White---same as cream, but won't look as good as cream in a red room.

Basically, my top two picks are green for the room now, or cream, which will look okay now and spectacular later.

So that's about it! Good luck!

Cicada said... [reply]

(SM---my theme song is Oh Canada. I want to hear you sing it with reverence and love.)

Coop said... [reply]

Does anyone actually know the words to O Canada? Canadians even?

CBH said... [reply]

Most of the Canadians I know only get as far as "My Home and native land" before they start mumbling. I'm interested in what the rest of the words are.

CoolMom said... [reply]

At the risk of being late for work, I would work on getting the curtains and duvet cover to match/compliment and bring in some pillows, if you can. Knowing, of course that you might not be able to bring them home. I'd go for a lighter clor, because of the dreary weather, you know me.

Also, I saw a commercial on tv this week portraying a tall, leggy blonde wisking through an airport with a red samonite spinner, wearing a sharp grey suit. I could have sworn it was you. I think it was even the same time you were traveling. Now I want a red one.

JB said... [reply]

Cicada, are you from Canada? If not, why's that your theme song? Good ideas, btw.

Also, I wonder how many people know our National Anthem.

Random tidbit: when they played God Save the Queen in a park in England two summers ago, I sung along with the words to "My Country 'Tis of Thee" (quietly) to my (British) boyfriend and thought I was just hilarious. I'm sure I wasn't actually, but the idea struck me as funny. At least for the first few lines. I didn't "desecrate" the whole song.

Th. said... [reply]


"Cicada" doesn't have the same rhythm as "Canada"--it doesn't substitute well.

And, Cicada, if you come back, why is it that every Canadian I've ever met gets really mad if you tell a third party that the melody to "O Canada" is the same as "O Christmas Tree"? I mean, for me, it has become so predictable that it has ceased being funny.

Is it just the Canadians I know or what?

Sorry, unrelated.

Nemesis, I think the room looks fine. Get a rubber sunflower.

chosha said... [reply]

That's a very girlie little room. I'm glad the duvet cover is subtle and didn't add more flowers to the mix. :)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Sorry I'm not responding to everyone individually, but I love all your ideas (yes, even the ones that completely conflict with each other--just go with the love, okay?).

I think the room will be fine. I momentarily toyed with the idea of just embracing the roses and building some sort of trellis canopy over the bed and bringing in fake rose bushes and lots and lots of rose air fresheners, but decided against it.

So far I've bought a paper lantern to go over the ceiling light and a new duvet cover. We'll see if I can get to Ikea this week for some other saving graces. But Cicada's right, it's just for a year, and it's a good room & meets my needs and all that.

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