Happy Thanksgibbing Back!

I won't actually be celebrating Thanksgiving today, sadly. Here's what I have planned:

1. Homework
2. Some more homework
3. Planning a lesson for Sunday School
4. Going in to speak to my prof about the xhtml test only to be told that I actually should have received a lower score than the one I did. Oh, wait, I already did that! He was quite nice about it, though. We agreed to let the "high" score stand, which was big of me. And he agreed that my redone pages look quite good and would have earned me a very nice grade if I'd come up with them in the first place. Sigh . . .
5. Heating up a jar of Tesco curry and a mug of Free Trade hot chocolate for dinner.
6. Sniffling to Josh Groban's Closer, because I am a complete sap. Wait, I think I may be doing that now.

Lest anyone feel too sorry for me, though, I did get a Thanksgiving meal last week. I have pictures and everything!

The Thanksgiving Feast

Mashed potatoes
Balls of what appear to be crubbish but are actually English stuffing (so, you know, you weren't far off)
These roasted potato guys that come frozen in a bag, which I kind of love madly
Broccoli & cauliflower
Stovetop stuffing smuggled into the country by a friend's dad, which tasted like heaven
Schloer, which is the UK equivalent of Martinelli's, only I'm still getting used to the taste

Not shown:
2 roasted chickens
8 quarts of gravy
2 muffin tins of the best Yorkshire puddings I've ever had
3 apple pies & vanilla ice cream, provided by yours truly and the good people at Iceland
Chocolate-chip pumpkin cookies, because it turns out that there is a store in the UK that sells jars of Libby's. I will be going there soon.
Chocolate cake
5 Americans (3 students, 2 missionaries)
Shedloads of Brits

We even went around the room and said 1 thing we were thankful for, which was very nice.

I won't subject you to my whole list right now or anything, since I know too well what vomit does to a keyboard. But I want to say that I am very grateful for my dear friends who stay in touch with me through this blog and emails and phone calls and put up with my rantings. I'm grateful as well for those who have become my friends through blogging, which has been a wonderful surprise. It has really helped a lot as I've tried to find my footing over here in a new place.

Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving! Please eat a piece of pumpkin pie and take a nap in my honor!

Me and E. and Thanksgiving Dinner


Streets of Belfast said... [reply]

I'm spending my first Thanksgiving here in Belfast in a lecture, sigh. As it turns out there are not enough American's in the area (my ward only has a few--only one who admits to it, the others have dual citizenship and claim the British part) to generate any interest in the holiday. Dinner today will comprise of 1 chocolate bar from Thorntons, 1 M&S chocholate chunk shortbread square, and some reheated curry. Don't forget to buy me some Libby's that I will collect at a as of yet unnamed date and time. Happy Thanksgiving.

amyjane said... [reply]

Miss you lots a lots, love. Also my mom misses you too, she says to say. Also, I'm sure Patrick misses you as well. Sean, on the otehr hand is in a cranky, cranky holiday mood and probably wouldn't miss ME right now, were I out of the country. Too bad for him. Have a wonderful day!

foodie said... [reply]

I want to tell you I miss you too! Jamz and I went over near your old apartment last week and we just talked about how weird it was not having you and Streets around.

Anyway, your dinner looks lovely! Mine consisted of the usual foods and desserts, but it also included half of the relatives that either don't talk to you at all, or they ask you the routine questions about your life/marital prospects/etc.

Just be glad you are out of the country! I wish I could have been!

Streets of Belfast said... [reply]

I have been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner by some Americans in my program. And all is well with the world--except there are no pumpkins so we are having sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin pie.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hee hee, Streets. Your dinner sounded like mine. Only I didn't even make curry. I had hot chocolate, canned soup, and cereal, because I am pathetic. But yay for you and your Thanksgiving Dinner to Come! I think sweet potato pie will be just great.

AmyJ, I miss you and your mom too. I won't miss Sean if he's going to be a crankypants about it, though. And please tell your mom for me that I would almost swim across the Atlantic and brave the sharks to eat a TGiving dinner made by her. Say hi to everyone else as well!

Ugh. Sorry about the nosy relations, foodie. Just do what I do and tell them that you're actually questioning your sexuality at the moment, so they might want to check back in a few years.

April said... [reply]

Sounds like you had a good time! Plenty of food to go around, eh? I'm thinking of a turkey sandwich right now... I may have to go make one!

JB said... [reply]

Great post, but my favorite part was where you tell Foodie to tell people she's questioning her sexual-orientation. Or did you just mean her sexual drive, in general? Either way, that's hilarious. Glad you had a nice "Thanksgiving" dinner! :)

Th. said... [reply]



That's good. You should stick with that.

daltongirl said... [reply]

I made a squash pie, actually, because it turns out you can't get pumpkins after Halloween here, either. And I so wanted to make my pumpkin pie out of a fresh pumpkin, because they're better. Only when I couldn't get one, I started eyeing the squash that's stored up from the garden, and thought it might be tasty. Then I made the pie and it was delicious, and no one even knew!

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