Since you all seem determined to out me . . .

And can I just interject here that I should never have provided you people with a public forum in which to conspire against me?


Okay then, let's do this thing.

Some of you may have noticed that I've been slightly . . . preoccupied lately. I haven't been posting as often, and when I do it's probably not up to standard. Some of you--the trusted few who have since turned against me--know the reason for this. And for everyone else, the reason is that I haven't been able to post about what I really want to talk about, which is my English Boyfriend!!!

[Blissful Sigh . . . . ]

So, yeah. Short story, I'd heard all about WR from Lady J before I met him--all about how witty and smart he is, and how he's really going places, and how all girls want to date him, and how if I'm looking to snag an English bloke he's probably the best I could do. (This last bit was said with a slightly doubtful expression.)

So of course, these were my thoughts:
1. Chuh. I'm witty, okay?
2. Anyway, I am so focused on my career right now.
3. I'm not about to be anybody's groupie, thanks.

Only then I met WR at that dinner, and we had a really great time talking about stuff like civil rights and foreign films and family law and blogging. So then I thought:

1. Huh. He is witty.
2. And cute.
3. Oh dear . . .

And then he asked me out!! It pretty much snowballed all fast and lovely-like from there, because it turns out that I still can't say no to witty lawyer boys who ask for things in British accents. I am officially a sleep-deprived, spaced-out, snog-addicted headcase who washes black socks with my white laundry and turns all my underwear grey.

By the way, WR reads this blog, which is why I couldn't really be giving y'all the play-by-play until it was safe to do so. So, you know, please keep that in mind! ;-)

I promise I will try not to be too gushy, but I am quite possibly dating the sweetest man alive.

And I'd better go now, because I think I smell something burning.


Kelly said... [reply]

Aaaahhhh!!!! Yay!!!! Boyfriends for EVERYONE, I say!!!

I am so excited for you. And you know, I love the boy and all, but I think an English accent would make me have to marry him tomorrow. Lucky! (said like Napoleon Dynamite of course)

Fabulous news.

(And not to be one of those annoying people, but it does really happen when you least expect it, doesn't it? I was all in single career girl mode when the boy showed up.)

Grumbee said... [reply]

Actually, it's him that might be dating the coolest American girl! So now that the truth is out, how come you were able spill the beans in this particular blog and not in the last one?

kristen said... [reply]

So that's what's been taking your time lately. Congrats! I knew it wouldn't be long before some English boy made you weak in the knees.

Do share details as they unfold and you feel they can be published for all to see. :)

Cicada said... [reply]

I didn't out you! I didn't conspire! I have shown myself to be a True Friend!

Actually, I didn't even know that people were trying to out you until last night:

DP: It's weird... I even read Nemesis's blog. And I don't know her! Sometimes... [here he pauses, ready to share a guilty secret]...sometimes I even ... COMMENT! I hope she doesn't think that's weird or anything.

Cic: No, that's not weird. I'm sure she's used to it.

DP: Anyway, is, uh... is she dating someone?

Cic: Yes, she is. Why?

DP: Well, in her last post people in the comments section started hinting really strongly about something, so I assumed that was it.

Cicada said... [reply]

I just reread what I posted, and for DP's sake, I just wanted to be clear that he was asking if you were dating someone NOT to know whether or not you were available for him to hook up with you online, but to confirm what he had suspected from your comments section.

HOWEVER, if there are any young women out there who need a boyfriend, DP is a wonderful candidate.

Cicada said... [reply]

Not that I'm saying that random boys who read your blog don't necessarily want you to mother their children because of course they do. Of course they do.

April said... [reply]


Anonymous said... [reply]

WHAT??? You have an English Boyfriend? I have to learn my daughter has a boyfriend by reading a post on the Internet??? Cool!


redlaw said... [reply]

Yea for Nemesis!!! I am so happy for you - especially since you have found someone who appreciates good humor when he sees it!! I am doing a happy dance for you - I may even do said dance in an elevator or two!!

PS - Does this boy have any cute, single guy friends coming to Salt Lake City anytime soon? Cuz, you know, I could show them around...and if I happened to "accidently" end up snogging one of them, that'd be okay too....

CoolMom said... [reply]

So what was burning, as if!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

What does snogging mean?

redlaw said... [reply]

snogging = kissing, i.e. an activity that does not happen amongst singles out here in Utah - no wonder they all marry at 19.

Savvymom said... [reply]

I think since your dad found out you have a BF from the internet the china is probably in the bag for me. Thanks!

Desmama said... [reply]

I'd just like to point out--ahem--that I wasn't One of the Traitorous Ones Who Wanted You to Confess. You see, I patiently waited, biding my time while you obviously bided yours, waiting for the news to hit when you were ready. Real friends are rare, but we are Out Here Somewhere. ;)

Congratulations. This is fun news. And while my kids call me "mama," yours may call you "mum." (Did I just embarrass you? Sorry.)

Savvymom said... [reply]

HA! I AM A TRAITOROUS ONE! I totally outed you, I definately conspired. But what else are sisters good for?

Jaime said... [reply]

Yes! We can finally talk about it. I have been wanting to tell people for awhile, but being the true friend that I am I kept things silent.

I'm so happy and excited for you. I hope everything continues to go well. By the way, did Streets get to meet him when she was there. Also, I can't wait to hear more...soon I hope. :)

Streets of Belfast said... [reply]

Yes, I did get to meet him while I was visiting and yes he is wonderful (I have to say that because he reads this blog and because I may someday need a good human rights lawyer).

I am also pleased to have been one of the ones trying to out you, but I only did it on your last post because I knew that you were ready to out yourself (Trust me people, I just spent a week with her and she was ready).

redlaw said... [reply]

Go, Club of People Who Outed Nemesis!!!
I was one of the outers and really, I only did it cuz everyone else was and I am susceptible to peer pressure...besides, who wants to keep secrets when they are this good? Everyone should share in the joy!

daltongirl said... [reply]

I knew you were ready, Nem. You just needed a gentle nudge.

And you know for a fact that Savvypapa did NOT find out about this on the Internet, so I'm thinking the china is back in the game, SM.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

Everyone cross fingers that the curse of the four will finally be broken! Kip, Miss Hass, and Anamae-zing will surely be pulling for you. Go you!

chosha said... [reply]

Gotta love Mormons - notice how everyone's reaction is about the same calibre as if you'd won a Nobel prize? ^_^

Glad to hear that romance is blooming - ahhh merry old England. Also glad to note he's witty - can't have you dating a dullard, now can we? Especially when it's so easy to be taken in by the accent in either case. Have fun.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hi Kelly, and thank you for giving me the girly scream! Oh how I love that we can manage to do that over the information superhighway. :-)

Grumbeer, it wasn't so much a question of "able" as much as an issue of "I'd better do it before other people do."

Thanks Kristen. Now you know why I've been a crap friend to everyone lately. I'll try to do better! And how's the new house coming along???

Cicada--You've unburied yourself nicely. Well done, my brilliant friend. And I'm very grateful to DP for his compliments. DP, you can comment any time you want!

April, you're a sweetie.

Nobody listen to my Dad, because he is making that up. And the china is mine! MINE!!!!! Although I am very happy that I managed to get you commenting on my blog, Dad! :-)

Redlaw, yay for you coming to England soon! And could you please do your elevator dance in the one w/the camera, with possibly an explanatory monologue beforehand?

Texmom, you are a True Friend. Everyone, please take notice of what a True Friend Texmom is! Also Cicada didn't out me. So yes. Two True Friends.

Streets, I'm so sorry that you had to put up with me. You were very gracious about it.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Jamz, you totally were an outer! And how is your house-building going? You have to send me pictures!

Daltongirl, thank you for being the VofR regarding my Dad. I wouldn't want people thinking I could actually be thatspacey.

Um, Hass, I'm almost afraid to ask this, but didn't Kip already break the Curse of the Final Four? Now I'm all scared. Email me!

Hee. Thanks, Chosh.

JB said... [reply]

How fun, congrats! That's awesome--I hope you get some good snogging fests!

I have to admit that I did find it somewhat suspicious that you never spoke about the British Boy again and that you weren't posting for only grad school reasons. (Fortunately, I'm a little too air-headed to actually put one and one together) Not that they (grad school assignments) don't exist, but I guess I give you too much credit for being as much of a procrastinator as I am. I would probably blog anyway...

Panini said... [reply]

Yea!! Finally some details! :) I also am so proud of myself for not saying a word...but now that it's free to the world...let's have more! A picture perhaps? ;)

ambrosia ananas said... [reply]

Woohoo! Hooray for boyfriends! With great accents!

(I am now stopping before I use up my week's supply of exclamation points.)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Ooh, JB, you are a crafty one! And I probably am just as much of a procrastinator as you are. ;-)

Panini, you are a True Friend too! I'll email you a pic.

Thanks, Brozy!

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