Yay, I might not flunk out of school!

I'm sure my parents will be very relieved to read this, because I get the feeling that they may possibly have been slightly concerned. I think what tipped me off was the part where every email to me contained a p.s.:

"p.s. Hey, so you're still going to classes, right? Ho ho ho!"
"p.s. So . . . are you giving yourself time to, you know, study amidst all this socializing?"
"p.s. You're not going to flunk out of school, are you? Because that's why you're there, you know."

But now everyone can rest easy, because I've now received two pieces of coursework back and I'm officially [my university's] daddy. Or at least I'm not flunking out yet.

The grading scale is different here, so I had to ask my British classmates to remind me how it worked before I opened the envelope with my library weblogs essay in it. They said that anything above a 50 is passing, and anything above a 70 is "with distinction." And WR says that an 80 or up means that you are an official genius person.

So I opened my envelope and I got a 72.

And it's a good thing I asked them to clarify the grading scale, because if I'd gotten a 72 on something back home I probably would have thrown myself off a building and tried to aim for some schmoopy PDA couple on the way down. As it was, I started doing the Happy Dance, but just inside my head since there were other people around. And then some other people started saying what they got and my score was like 3 points higher! And we all know that if you're doing better than other people then that's the real measure of success!!

Of course, then I started worrying that it was all a fluke and that I would flunk my next piece of coursework and then they would ask me to please leave, but today I got back my literature review/essay about "Women as Readers" for my Gender & Information class, and I got a 71!

Maybe they'd be willing to just waive the dissertation in the light of my obvious brilliance. I'm sure they're discussing it now, while they plan the parade and everything.


Miss Hass said... [reply]

It's such a good feeling to get a good grade, isn't it? Hooray for you!!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Yes! Yes it is a good feeling! But the feeling that's going to get me sent straight to hell is this one: "Hah! I don't even care what grade I got! I'm just thrilled that I beat the English on their own turf! Hah! Colonials RULE!"

daltongirl said... [reply]

I knew you would have no trouble convincing them (the English) of your excessive brilliance. Of course, if you choose not to do the work in favor of snogging, that may be a problem, but you would never.

I hope you said, in manner of Yzma, real loud, "I win!"

Savvymom said... [reply]

It think it's awesome we're getting the same grades on our papers. : )

foodie said... [reply]

Interesting how the feeling goes from throwing yourself off of a building, to England planning a parade in your honor!

I had a feeling that you had a secret you were keeping from us. I figured you were macking on some English bloke! Geez, between you, Streets, and Jamz, everyone seems to finding all the men lately! Now I gotta go find me one who isn't gay!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Daltongirl, you are right, I would never. Much.

Savvymom, I'm happy for that too! All you have to do is move over here and suddenly 70s are GREAT. Why didn't we think of this earlier?

Foodie, I'm confused here. Are you in the habit of dating gay men? And also, what's this about Jaime and a boy??? Tell me tell me!

Grumbee said... [reply]

I understand a bad grade would make you want to throw yourself off a building (a tall one I assume) but why do you have to take out the PDA couple? What do they, embarassing themselves in public, have to do with your bad grade?!

JB said... [reply]

Grumbeer, they have everything to do with her getting a bad grade. And by "everything" I mean "nothing," but they're annoying, so if she's going to throw herself offa really high building why not take out one of those PDA couples too. You know, two birds, one stone?

JB said... [reply]
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JB said... [reply]

P.S. Congrats, Nem! It's been officially proven that you're a genius and smarter than all the Brits who got lower scores than you did. ;)

April said... [reply]

I always loved when I'd get a higher grade than others in the class. Though it annoyed them. Can't imagine why. :)

foodie said... [reply]

Major clarification, I am not in the habit of dating gay men, that just seems to be one of my only options as far as meeting guys at school goes.

Out of the three guys in my semester alone, one is married and bad for me, the other is gay and really bad for me, and the other is a cute single guy who is a pot head so therefore he is bad for me too!

Check ur e-mail for details on the other subject. You realize that she is going to kill me for this right?

kristen said... [reply]

So, I'm feeling totally left in the dark. First Nem and now Jaime?

England better watch out--they've got an American kicking their trash in academia. Go you!

redlaw said... [reply]

Really, of you're going to do the happy dance, just do it for everyone - what's the worst that can happen? A camera catches it and saves it for all posterity?

Stupidramblings said... [reply]

Holy cow Nem. How long have I known you?

I have been absent from the interweb for the past week or so do to my being stuck in the middle of nowhere in "the SOUTH," and I log on again today to find out you are smart AND you have a boyfriend?

Good holy schnot, woman! Tell the bloke he can come over and do your colonial dishes. Make sure he knows "how it is" and that you are the one in control and everything should be fine.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Grumbeer, listen to JB. She gets me.

Jess, thanks for understanding. I figure even if the world hates me and drives me to self-slaughter, I will at least do my best to make the world a better place with my death, and then everyone would be sorry.

April--seriously, why should other people be bothered? I mean, sometimes it's just our turn to be validated, y'know?

Foodie, I understand now. I'd forgotten about the culinary arts thing. Say no more.

Thanks, Kristen! I will do much trash-kicking in your honor! And if anyone gives you a hard time, I'll say, "Look, my friend Kristen could drive over your house with her SUV. So shut it."

Gosh Red, when you put it like that . . . ;-)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Um, stupid? Could you try not revealing my SuperSecret Plans to WR? He thinks I'm a nice girl! You could undo all my careful work!!!

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