Ibe too sexy for by shird

So I'm still sick, even though I feel a tiny bit better. Only my cold has progressed to my nose, which is never a good thing. And now I sound like a chain-smoking transexual who sings bass.

I did, though, turn in the two pieces of work that were due today. Rejoice with me! And now I'm working on a 2,000 word essay about the history of women in librarianship (Alternate title: "How The Man is keeping us down!"). This would have been a piece of cake back when I was an undergrad and in the habit of churning out essays, but now I am all rusty an' junk.

Then sweet WR is coming over to take care of me and look over the website I have to finish by Friday, becase he is lovely. I am, of course, v. excited to see WR and to have attention and orange juice and Christmas movies, but I'm not sure how much he will enjoy his evening with a sickly mouth-breather. I can just see it now:

Me, trying to look alluring: "So . . . coughhackcough . . . wadda cub over an' sit odd byy side of the couch?"

WR: "Um, do you need some tissues? Here, let me go get some."

Me: "Doe, doe, stay here! I'b fide!"

Then I will lean in to kiss him, and he will pull back, alarmed.

WR: "Errrrrr. . . can't we just just, like, cuddle?"

Me: "Whad! Are you sayig you don' want subba this?" coughhackchokecoughsniffffle

WR: "Ah . . . not at the moment, no."

Oh yeah.

Ibe too sexy.


Savvymom said... [reply]

It'll be like that that episode of Friends (without the sex, immodest clothing and bad language of course)where Monica is trying to convince everyone she's not sick and is trying to be all sexy. Good times.
Also, if it makes you feel any better. I am still sick and got two hours of sleep last night. So. I'm for sure not getting better anytime soon.

JB said... [reply]

I'm feeling better, too. In case you were wondering. I don't know that I was as ill as you have been--it's not the same thing in any case.

Great post. Good on yer for getting the sounds of being sick down so well (and so hilariously). How could WR resist your sexy advances? Also, you could try Vapor Rub. ;) Savvymom knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.

CoolBoyH said... [reply]

Today is the "Reading Day" before finals, read: "Sleep and generally screw around day"

So I got 10 and a half hours last night. Which was a great relief becuase I spent 7 and a half hours in the library after lecture doing chemistry homework that was due that night. The Joys of College

Kelly said... [reply]

You totally just made me almost spit soup all over my computer!

Um, cause I was laughing. In case that wasn't clear.

If WR had any qualms about getting close to you, I say you tell him that colds are dormant and he's probably got it now anyway so if HE wants some action when he's mouth breathing, he might want to rethink his stance.

noelle feather said... [reply]

If I actually would have READ the other posts, I wouldn't have posted the same thing as savvymom! :( UGH!

ds said... [reply]

So I walked outside today and breathed in deeply and thought I was getting sick, too, because my throat suddenly felt sore and scratchy. But then I looked up and realized I was inhaling about three days' worth of inversion. Gray pollution particles clinging to my throat. And it smelled bad, too.

Not that I don't have sympathy for you. I do. Poor thing. I'm just saying...be grateful you aren't sick and forced to run around in the 15th worst polluted city in America.

banana said... [reply]

lol! I seem to remember him being ill not too long ago and you did a pretty good job of looking after him!

Just found your blog by the way - hope its not too stalkerish of me!

Cicada said... [reply]

Bwahahahahahaha! And I'm sucking at the paper writing and finals taking and I can't even blame it on years away from school or illness! I'm hoping for straight Cs this semester... fingers crossed everybody, fingers crossed.

E said... [reply]

Also those little listerine strip thingies work wonders in clearing out your sinuses. You might give that a try if they have those over there.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Ditto what Banana and Kelly have said. He's probably already been exposed. No reason now not to.

To answer question from previous comment. Yes, thinking about moving back to the bubble. First, though, I'm looking for an apt complex or ward that is both older and fun. Wish me luck.

Good luck on the rest of your projects/websites/projects! Have fun rejoicing over your turning-in victories.

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

I'm still waiting on that paper, Cicada. I was so excited to be the star of someone else's paper, and then I never got to read it. *sniff*

redlaw said... [reply]

Just make sure you don't sneeze on him...I did that once...oddly enough, that boy broke up with me shortly after that - some people just can't handle catching eBola from their girlfriends...sheesh.

Nemesis said... [reply]

SM, I'm so sorry you're sick. Good call on the Friends episode. Last night I started coughing uncontrollably.

(Me: Hey, my husky voice sounds hot, doesn't it.
WR: Whatever you say, Mon.)

JB, I'm glad you're feeling better too! I ended up not needing that Vapo Rub after all . . . ;-)

Good luck in these your first university finals, my brother. My thoughts will be with you.

Kelly, thanks for the compliment! I hope it was your work computer and not your personal computer. Cuz that would be no good. Also how crazy is it that you and Kip are related through dating???

Been there, Eliza. No worries. ;-) And hey, you know what they say about great minds . . .

Ew, sick sick, ds! How did that even happen?? And SLC is #6! Savvymom, that could be why you're sick. Remember how you get when it's all inversiony?

Hey, is this banana pronounced the English way?? If so, then yay for me! So glad you're here, and I've already put up the lovely Christmas present you gave me! There may also sort of be a picture of you on here, btw . . .

Cici, consider them crossed. My ankles too.

E, thanks for the tip. Although right now my sinus seem to be doing quite well at clearing themselves, which is kind of the problem.

DMA, when you're there you need to check out my old complex! It has a couple of GREAT ward of mostly 25 and ups. Go to Deerhaven/Pioneer condos, at about 1320 South State street (past the Provo cemetery). Absolutely loved it there, even if it was a teeny bit pricey.

Squirrel Boy, I am sorry. My life, too, is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes--and most of them are Cicada's fault.

Redlaw, I managed to not sneeze on anyone but myself, which I consider a major victory!

Rachel said... [reply]

"So . . . coughhackcough . . . wadda cub over an' sit odd byy side of the couch?"


April said... [reply]

Glad you've kept your sense of humor! Hope you feel better soon, though.

Speaking of Friends, doesn't anyone remember Phoebe trying to get sick because she likes her sexy voice? Singing, "..waiting for my papier mache man..."

kristen said... [reply]

That's exactly the Friends' episode I was thinking! Then she tries to get her cold back from Monica because she 'stole' it. (I may have seen that one a few times....)

Sorry to hear you are still sick. So, did you get the TLC from WR?

banana said... [reply]

Yes it is banana with an english accent and glad you liked the present!

A picture of me!!! Where?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Rachel, you are too good to me. For your laughter, you will get a mention in my will. (Expect a phone call sometime next week!)

April, I don't think I've seen that one! Or if I have then all I remember is Monica being sick and trying to act all sexy.

Kristen, I did get some TLC. But, you know, it would be unladylike of me to elaborate. Ahem. Only it's a GOOD thing I got it when I did, because now I think they're probably going to quarantine my house w/me in it.

Hellew Banana (pssst! For a hint of where your picture is, check out the post about Thanksgiving!)

Fraggle said... [reply]

So did that song reach Yankeeville then? How many other ridiculous Brit hits made it?

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