Yes, I do realize . . .

. . . that everyone and their mom have done this little quiz guy already, and that it's so over and everything. But I have to spend the whole day in the computer lab working on my coursework (including designing a website) and I just can't afford to lose my remaining brain cells trying to be clever here.

So here you go. It's that Google Search For "Your Name + Needs" thing that everyone is doing.


Nemesis needs to improve.
(Um, your
mom needs to improve . . . )

Nemesis needs a clean up.
(Can't argue with you there)

Nemesis needs a full director's cut.
(Hmmm . . . would it be artistic or just trashy?)

Nemesis needs love, and some baked goods.
(Yes! Yes I do! Sob . . . )

Nemesis needs better bridge protection.
(Tell me about it. I suck at bridge.)

Nemesis needs a damn good kick in her karmic pants
(Oh, I dare you.)

Nemesis needs a new dress.
(That would be nice, actually.)

Nemesis needs more sleep.
(I know!! Sob . . . )

Nemesis needs a little help in the internal multiplier department.
(Okay . . . whatever that means, sure.)

Nemesis needs to have hundreds of cannon fodder henchmen for Frank to wade
through. Body count needs to be extremely high.
(Yes. Yes it does. So, you know, get on that.)

Nemesis needs some late game enhancements.
(Okay, see, my game is just fine. So you'd best shut your mouth.)

Nemesis needs to lay off the sauce.
(Seriously, do you wanna fight me????)

Nemesis needs to be the height of aristocratic decadence.
(Chuh, I'm halfway there, baby!)


TannerJ5 said... [reply]

Holy smokies,I'm first! and that's a first, lots of firsts! okay that's annoying me. I understand you when you can't be funny late at night.The only person I know who is funny at night is chad's wife amy T. She is like sick at
night, she can't stop laughing.Also, yes the theory does involve the ****** they found in the #$#@. so email me.

CoolMom said... [reply]

I may have to try this out. I'll let you know.

daltongirl said... [reply]

I'm sorry you are so busy that you have to pull out some overused old thing in order to post. That is not right, and if the Powers knew that's what you're having to resort to, I daresay they'd decrease your workload. Someone should tell them.

Also, I saw P&P and I agree with Every. Single. Thing you said in your earlier review. You ARE the Voice of Reason!! You forgot to ask what happened to Keira Knightley's breasts, though. Because I'm pretty sure she had some as a piratess. Now they're gone. Completely gone. Where did they go, I'm wondering. Not that I mourn their loss. I just noticed they'd gone missing.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hi TJ5. If we're thinking of the same ****** they found in the #$#@ back in Book %, then yes, I totally agree.

Mom, thanks for commenting!

And Daltongirl, I didn't ask where they went because I knew that they were actually an optical illusion in PotC, created by makeup. But SPEAKING of PotC, I saw a preview for the new one before Chronicles of Narnia and spent the whole thing going, "Hee. That Johnny Depp. Hee hee. Pretty Orlando Bloom. Hee." So yeah, kind of excited for that one.

JB said... [reply]

This was a great read. :)

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