Bathrooms are always good for a laugh

At least I hope they are, because they're all I have. Today has not been a good day, so I don't actually have any funny stories to offer. Sorry about that. But I've also noticed that if I don't at least post something, then my ratings (or, you know, "visits" for those people who don't think their blog is a television show) go down.

So, anyway, here you have it. One of my classes is in a building (well, actually, all of them are) and during a break I went downstairs to use the facilities. (Note: In UK buildings there will not be bathrooms on every floor. And don't even think about looking for a drinking fountain, cuz it just ain't gonna happen.)

I walked into the bathroom and found a leftover from the Industrial Age:

This pictures don't actually do the place justice, because you can't see how old and rusty and slimy and dank everything was. But trust me, it was gross.

Also I swiped one of the little "sanitary use" bags that they kept wedged behind a pipe in each stall. I was going to take a picture of it to show you, only I haven't gotten around to it yet. But there's this black and white etching of what appears to be an 18th-century sheperdess on the front. Because sheperdesses were notorious for not knowing how to properly dispose of their woman products, I guess. You learn something new every day.


kristen said... [reply]

So, I'm thinking those bathrooms need some remodeling. Do they even offer cowboy hats (lingo for seat covers)? If not, I'd be bringing my own! Either that or I would plan my day so as to not have to use those.

Savvymom said... [reply]

Wow. I'm glad that modern technology has reached the bathrooms in Utah. Ew. I think my fav part is the nasty little toilet scrubber brush in the corner of the stall.

Cicada said... [reply]

hahahahaha. I love your face in the picture. Any chance that anyone walked in on you while you were documenting the facilities?

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

Funny, stone age bathrooms.

Absent-minded Secretary said... [reply]

I loved this entry! I have been having a hard time getting myself to want to blog about today's holidays (International Dog Biscuit Day, and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day) After reading this I realized that I could have taken picures of the bathrooms at the Wilk when I was up there yesterday, and blogged about how they haven't changed in 13 years even though everything else has. :)

Al said... [reply]

At least they're reasonably clean, which is more than can be said for some of them around here.

CoolMom said... [reply]

I just realized I missed a golden opportunity by not taking a photo of a bathroom (very loosely used term) I chose not to use in Belgium once. The reason I chose to hold it until I got to another country with more modern facilities and risk developing a medical disorder, was due to the fact that the facility consisted of a tile floor, four walls and a door, and four bumps on the floor, (you could refer to them as "hand and foot stops") evenly spaced around a drain. No thank you.

Oh, and everyone knows to always carry your own wipes.

redlaw said... [reply]

Two words....Turkish Toilets...

abby said... [reply]

Chinatown in New York...I can't even describe to you how bad it was. I'm sure the Turkish toilets are worse.

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