Yay for the Olympics, Yay!

I am so, SO excited right now. I am seeing my first Winter 2006 Olympic event (it only took me until Day 13) and I finally figured out how to find BBC2 on my landlady's TV in time to catch the final Women's Figureskating.

I was having a real problem with England because the Olympics had been on for days and days and my only hint was that Google had cool Olympic graphics on. The only people I eventually heard talking about it were other expats, like my Finnish and Chinese friends. So finally I decided to take this up with the Brits, on account of how they were the ones who lobbied so hard to get the Olympics in their own country and now they're completely ignoring that it's even on. I mean, seriously, what kind of attitude is that? Possibly people who don't appreciate the Olympics don't actually deserve to host the Olympics.

Only then I called them on it and everything became clear.

Brit Friend: Nah, we're just not that interested in the Olympics, really.

Me: But you're hosting them soon!

Brit Friend #2: Yeah, the Summer Olympics.

Brit Friend: Yeah, we don't care about the Winter Olympics. We don't win anything in those.

Brit Friend #3: Exactly. Since Torville and Dean, it's been like, 'Why bother?'

Brit Friend: But, now, Summer Olympics we're great at. We get into the Summer Olympics.

Brit Friend #2: And the World Cup.

So. Now we know. And now it's on and it's live and I'm watching little Emily Hughes skate and just learned that she only got called up to compete 10 days ago when Michelle Kwan backed out.

So go USA, where we watch both the Summer and Winter Olympics because we win medals at both!!!


Only ps. I won't give anything away for the people who want to watch this themselves, but I'm thinking a bunch of these skaters will be going home and calling this "The Winter Olympics I Spent Sliding on My Butt."


amyjane said... [reply]

Cheater. I can't even watch that thing till tonight. Only it's OK cause I've been watching Olympics for two weeks now and you didn't get to. It's been great to reminisce and all. Also, did you hear they re-lit the cauldron in SLC? Sean and I took Patrick (all bundled up) late one night and Sean officially realized that he totally missed out.

word verify today: isrockbo :)

amyjane said... [reply]

I looked at the results. I hate you. :) But there are sume FUNNY pictures of those dainty little girls eating ice. Also, it looks like Emily Hughes is saying a bad word on one of the pictures.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey, don't blame me! I did NOT make you go look, you cheater.

Yeah. SLC 2002 was cool. Good times.

banana said... [reply]

Another thing you kind of need to know is that sports isn't really supported in the Uk. And what i mean by that is people don't get any financial support here. No scholarships, etc.

If you want to be good at a sport you have to pay for it all yourself. So that's why we don't do too well in the Olympics especially the winter Olympics.

CoolMom said... [reply]

Don't feel bad, Nemmy, I didn't realize they were on until Sunday when I heard people talking about it. So I watched on Monday and Tuesday and caught some great figure skating. Being that last night was Wednesday, Law and Order was back on the menu. Tonight we won't be home. Darn.

kristen said... [reply]

Yeah, the Olympics has monopolized my time the last two weeks......I became obsessed! I couldn't watch all of Sasha's free skate last night due to two ice eatings. I was so rooting for her and then she ate it. Well, at least the Russian ate it too and Sasha goes home with a silver!

Too bad you missed the feud between speed skaters Shawni and Chad......Oh the drama!!

foodie said... [reply]

Why is it that all those girls, as soon as they get to the free skate, completely lose it?

I understand there is a lot of pressure and stuff, but why not lose it on the first skate the night before? They nail on their jumps on the first night, and then every single one girl gets a face full of ice on the second!

Maybe I am just insensitive, and flat out just don't have a clue, but Come on people the olympics have pressure, DEAL WITH IT!

chosha said... [reply]

We watch the summer and winter olympics, AND the world cup, AND the test matches in the cricket, AND Wimbledon, AND anything else that happens to be on, because Australians are just addicted to sport.

goldilocks said... [reply]

Hear hear! As a fellow American in England, I too was FINALLY able to watch some Olympics which happened to be ladies iceskating thank you very much. Me and my American flatmate commandeered the common room for once and didn't let the usual band of intimidating football-loving male gang scare us away from the remote! It was a true victory for us. Sad for Sasha, but glad she beat the Russian (no prejudism here-promise) But, we did spontaneously cheer when Irina fell on her hinney. Now, I feel more apart of the Olympics since I finally got to SEE some of them, instead of READ about it afterwards.

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