Because I need to finish a paper and my brain is gone

Today is the day of random news and tidbits, since I can't get it together enough to write something real.

1. On Sunday WR's family invited us over for the traditional English Sunday Dinner (roast chicken, potatoes, yorkshire pudding, lots and lots of vegetables, brown gravy all over everything). I'm not used to putting brown gravy on vegetables-that-are-not-potatoes, so I usually keep my broccoli and peas and carrots and cabbage clean. Only then people get concerned that I don't have enough gravy. But I say WR has enough for the both of us, and possibly enough for three or four other really hungry people. Anyway, the meal was great and I was beyond full afterwards. During the cleanup I noticed WR sipping from a mug and asked what he had in it, since it seemed a strange time to all of a sudden be sipping hot chocolate. He grinned and showed me the mug, which had brown gravy in it.

2. A couple of weeks ago I was telling my Dad that I'd been having a rough time with school stress and the lack of sunshine and what people swear has been an unusually bleak English winter and a whole load of other things that seemed to be just sucking my very will to live, and he said, "You know what this is, right? You need to go to Hawaii." And I realized that he was so, so very right. This is exactly the time of year when all the Alaskans get ready for their Hawaiian vacations, because if they have to live through one more cold dark rubbish day they're just going to go outside and throw themselves under a moving snowplow. Just the thought of Hawaii made my black shriveled soul begin to heal. Only it's a little bit out of the way for me, so I'm planning a 7-day trip to the Canary Islands instead. I will go there and I will lie on the beach and I will feel peace and rejuvenation. And UV rays.

3. WR is going to watch Pride and Prejudice (the real one with Colin Firth) with me on Sunday. I'm so excited because I haven't seen it in ages. I told him last night, after we'd decided to get together Sunday afternoon. That way he couldn't pretend to be busy in order to get out of it, which he immediately tried to do. "I think I might have something on that afternoon, actually. I think I'm quite busy." Only I'm pretty sure he was just kidding, and that he has wanted to watch the film for months and months now but just wasn't sure how to bring it up. He's bashful like that. But there will be sausage rolls. And maybe I'll make a pitcher of brown gravy with a straw in it. That should keep him happy.


kristen said... [reply]

Dude, you know he wants to watch P&P, he just doesn't want to admit it--he's trying to be manly. ('So is your family in good health?')

Seriously....sipping gravy?! What's up with that?

Nemesis said... [reply]

"Ah . . . I'm just arrived myself."

Yeah, the sipping gravy thing. Only now I think I probably can't judge, because this one time (or 3 times) I sipped chicken stock.

And he has never seen P&P so he doesn't know how great it is. Guys, back me up here? Or women who know guys who have watched it and retained all their testosterone?

Desmama said... [reply]

Ah, have fun in the Canaries. My little sister went there on her mission and commented how many Brits would come down there to spend "holiday." There are some lovely places to relax, I'm sure.

CBH said... [reply]

Speaking of travel, guess what I saw last night? I was watching BBC news (it comes on at midnight on the public whatever channel, not PBS) and there was a travel commercial for India!

India!!! How cool is that? Except for the the fact I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be an advert for Brits because I've always been under the impression that Indians didn't like Americans.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Well, we never occupied India, so you'd think they would be okay with us.

Anonymous said... [reply]

WR...a good way to get out of P&P thing it is to say "Maybe that is that an appropriate movie for a Sunday?" You could suggest Braveheart instead. Braveheart is much shorter too. If, however, you are trapped in this regard, hold firm to NO BRIE. You might start growing breasts or something awful.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Whatever, Dad. I heard all about you watching P&P by yourself last Sunday. Mom told me.

redlaw said... [reply]

A mug of gravy? That sounds like a heart attack just waiting to happen...my arteries just became a bit more clogged with cholesterol just thinking about it...

Cicada said... [reply]

Seriously, the mug of gravy is disgusting. Yet strangely enough, reading your blog today has made me crave meat again. MMmmmm.

Savvymom said... [reply]

Whatever Dad. You know you love watching that movie and you bought that movie this year. And Ed watched it with me once becuase I made him when I had mono and he liked it.

Spitfire said... [reply]

Yeah Dad. We all know that when P&P comes on, you get quite comfortable on the couch and PRETEND to read a book. How else would you know when to laugh or make sly comments?

daltongirl said... [reply]

Are you kidding me? Take Daltonboy, who refuses to wear anything that even has a pink thread in it, and won't dance or knit, or anything, and gets all threatened about his sexuality and stuff if you ask him to cook something. He watched P&P with me and now once in a while he will even suggest watching it again because he loves it so much. Only don't ask him to watch Sense and Sensibility b/c that dumb Willoughby makes him want to puke.

"Who is reading Shakespeare's sonnets? . . . I carry them with me always."

Lady Steed said... [reply]

Sipping gravy?

I've heard about the Brits really liking their gravy but to use it in replacement of a beverage...that's just not healthy.

But if a pitcher of the stuff is what it will take to get him to sit down for P&P, then the health risk is worth it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

First...I did not watch P&P of my own free will. With four women in the house, there was not much choice. Second, I bought P&P for Savvygranma for Christmas. Third, what is it with women that want to force this on their men? Do we coerce you into watching Bloodsport or some other totally guy flick? Is this some kind of sensitivity litmus test?Finally, if a guy has to watch P&P, the Ms. Knightly version is better because it's only two hours instead of like nine.

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