And we're back

Things that are slapping me right back into reality:

  • I missed 2 spots with the sunblock--the end of my nose and the space between my eyebrows. I look like a prehistoric Rudolph.
  • It is raining, windy, and freezing cold here.
  • The heating is not currently working at my house, so I'm huddled at the computer wearing many layers. Am pondering adding newspaper sheets to the layers, because I hear paper is a good conductor.
  • I have no groceries and don't want to go out in the cold and rain to buy some. Have been eating Spanish chocolate for breakfast.
  • The load of dirty dishes that I left in the sink are still there, because I guess the dish fairies didn't come.
  • I now have so much coursework staring me in the face that I may just build a fire out of furniture legs to warm my self and climb back into bed.

Only here are the bright spots:
  • I did have a great vacation.
  • My little brother (cbh) got his mission call to the Dominican Republic, so he'll be spending the next 2 years in a tropical paradise, even though he'll be wearing a tie for most of it . . .
  • WR met us at the airport, only laughed a little bit at my red monobrow (or possibly just the comparison of a golden-brown Goldilocks next to candy-cane moi) and brought me a fleecy pullover to wear, on account of it was 38 degrees outside.
  • I just got an email telling me how to fix the heating problem. So I'm off to do that.

Until I can post more pictures and stories and stuff, here's one I took of my favorite new beach, Playa Amadores.

Sigh . . . . .


banana said... [reply]

I didn't notice any unibrow or sunburn yesterday! But I did detect a slight tan - granted, next to Goldilocks its hard to see but on your own I could tell!

And yes you even missed snow whilst you were away!

Welcome back!

Congratulations to your brother! And I know I'm showing my ignorance but what language do they speak in the Dominican Republic?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Aw, you are too kind! And it is good to be home.

The Dominican Republic is Spanish-speaking, and I just saw a picture of it in a travel magazine and it's gorgeous. Goldilocks says that's where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean last summer and they hired a friend of hers who was living there to be a body double for Keira Knightley.

Tell us the story, Goldie!

kristen said... [reply]

Lovers' Beach, huh? I wish I were there right now instead of in my classroom getting ready to deal with some smart a@# students. (We all need our spring break!)

So glad you had a good time and that you are back :) I think I felt a small void from reading your blogs!

Congrats to your bro serving in the Dominican Republic! Although, he really won't get to see the nice side of it. My brother served in Jamaica and I don't think he saw the resort side of the island.

Kelly said... [reply]

Welcome back!

I have 2 friends who went to the DR on their missions, if your brother wants any tips. FYI, I don't know if this is still the practice, but when they were there they had maids! It was a way the church helped out the local population through employment. Sounds pretty cushy to me.

Cicada said... [reply]

I couldn't see any boobies in the picture, but I tried real hard.

goldilocks said... [reply]

Ditto to all the reality checks. Haven't even dared to venture out into the wild english rain and wind. burrrr.

So, yeah, Pirates of the Caribbean...my friend was living in the DR with her husband when they happened to meet the casting director of POTC. He asked her to be the body double for Keira Knightly so she got to meet Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and the lot. She's from Quebec and therefore speaks French so she chatted away with Johnny in French because, you know, he speaks it fluently. She said he was more down to earth than Orlando. Oh, AND, just got an email from her today saying she's passing thru London so anybody who wants to meet her can come with me to London. (FYI - meet my friend, not Keira Knightly) cuz, you know she could sorta be famous...sorta...or maybe one day. oh nevermind

daltongirl said... [reply]

CBH: Congratulations! My brother and his family live in Grenada. Maybe you can take a boat down there and teach them something one of these days. They could use your help. And I sure hope they don't have beaches there like Nem is fond of frequenting.

Nem: so glad you're back!

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I would like to meet Johnny Depp Goldielocks. Is he going to be passing through Provo anytime soon?

redlaw said... [reply]

So stinking jealous...of Nem, of Goldilocks, of her friend that chatted up Mr. Depp in French, no less....

And I too have a sprained eye from trying to see boobies in the picture...I thought you said these people didn't wear tops????

Th. said... [reply]


I have two jokes regarding that beach photo and breasts but I'm not sure which type of cad I want to come off as. So I'll just keep them to myself.

WV: Netvasm!

chosha said... [reply]

Shouldn't the 'chocolate for breakfast' bit have been in the other list??

I just had one of those tiny moments of total confusion that comes from the US/British English divide, as 38 degrees in Australia would have been a reason to take off a fleecy pullover, not put one on. :)

Congrats to cbh!

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