It's like a beach, and yet . . .

Warning: I am completely completely behind on my coursework and studying because I've been running off to things like English seaside towns, and now I have to buckle down. So if you don't hear anything from me for the next little bit, please know that

  1. I still love you
  2. I would much rather be blogging
  3. I'm not actually having any fun
I hope that will make people feel better. Yesterday a bunch of us drove east to Hunstanton, which is the aforementioned English seaside town. (Town slogan: Look, it's the sea! Only do be sure to bundle up before you do anything crazy, like touch it with your bare skin. )

But it was sunny and beautiful and I got some great pictures and WR and I shared a fabulous chocolate sponge thingy with hot custard during lunch. Also I got a kick out of the part where the sweet people who own the restaurant liked to tos's apostrophe's into all word's that ended in -s.

A-like so:

I was reminded that it's possible to get a sunburn even when you're freezing, as those crazy people known as skiers can surely attest. WR found that out too when his forehead got all burned. During lunch Goldy passed over the leftover sunblock from Gran Canaria for him and he just handed the tube to me as if to say, "You're up." As the lotion touched his face he kept flinching and going, "Gah! It's so cold!" and scrunching his face all up as if I were murdering him. I said to just wipe it in like moisturizer.

WR: See, you forget, I'm a guy, so I don't use moisturizer.

Me: Some guys do moisturize, though.

WR: Okay, [Guy Friend #1], we're talking about moisturizer. Do you moisturize?

Guy Friend #1: Yeah, I do.

WR: What, are you serious?

Guy Friend #1: Yeah, I use an aloe-vera based gel after I shave.

WR: Well . . . okay then, maybe you're like the exception. Hey [Finnish Friend] (who was sitting at the other table), do you moisturize?

Finnish Friend: Yes. I have always used moisturizer because it keeps my skin from having spots.

Poor WR looked all ganged-up on and unsure of this strange new world where men are encouraged to put hydrating creams all over their faces. But moisturizer or no, he's a cutie. And now that I've used the word moisturizer so many times, it's looking very strange on the screen to me and I'm not even sure what it means anymore.

Also, I went in my first British amusement park arcade-type thing, where you have to be 18 to go in without a parent. There were all these little blond children running around while their parents gambled and played video games and pushed strollers around and led dogs on leashes. It was dark and loud and seedy-looking, and I'm not sure what the fascination is there, especially since we were having one of the 32 sunny days of the year.

And now I bid you all a fond farewell as I retreat into Coursework Hibernation.


Rachel said... [reply]

Again, Nem, I am so envious of you I think I'm chartreuse.

I'm glad to see English people do that stupid apostrophe thing too. Ugh. It bugs me. :)

Th. said... [reply]


Study tight.

CoolMom said... [reply]

Nice pictures. WR looks very nice also.

Desmama said... [reply]

And to add to apostrophe loveliness, I just noticed today that the business card for my OB Clinic says it is the "Cache Valley Womens Clinic." Cringe.

On a happier note (as I breathe deeply), I love hearing all about your fun times.

Kelly said... [reply]

Tell WR not to trust the Finn's. Both of the Finn's I know from Boston are total metrosexuals, which is frgiven because they're, you know, Finnish, and have that whole Euro thing going on.

The Walrus said... [reply]

I hate the apostrophe thing. Grr!
And I don't moisturize. I don't need to! Hazzah!

kristen said... [reply]

Maybe it's the word 'moisturize' that might scare WR. (It does have a feminine tone to it). I think more guys moisturize than are willing to admit.

Good luck w/ the studying....but don't forget about us little people :)

April said... [reply]

I hate the apostrophe thing. People use them inappropriately all the time. Major pet peeve of mine.

Mary said... [reply]

Nemesis's studie's in her classes's are coming to their respective close's. Let's us Nem's fans's give her the space's she needs'.

Hey that was fun.

Grumbee said... [reply]

Nem, after a long hiatus, I have returned your blog to my internet routine. It's good to see that you're doing well and enjoying the sunshine which, according to your numbers, is only present 8.7% of the time.

WR, if you're a regular to this page, which I presume you are because you tend to be getting good publicity, I just want you to know that I'm with you, man! I don't moisturize, my hands are dry, I love watching sports, and I pour gravy on everything!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Rach--yeah, it took me a bit to be sad about how England isn't like a Jane Austen novel anymore, where people use good punctuation.

Thanks, Th.!

Thanks mom. And yeah, WR has pretty eyes.

Yay, it's Texmom! I'm so happy! Please keep with the deep breathing, as I wouldn't want the whole apostrophe thing to induce early labor.

Kelly, I will pass that on. This Finn really isn't much of a metro at all, but I guess you can never tell with those foreigners . . . ;-)

Walrus, you stink. I wish I didn't need to moisturize. And that I could say Huzzah without looking like a poser.

Kristen, I could never forget about the little people--or even the tall gorgeous former roommates!

April, that's because you have sense. And the apostrophe people don't. It's a sad fact.

Mary, my head almost exploded while reading that. Only then it made me laugh really hard. Hee hee hee.

Grumby! Good to hear from you, I'd been wondering how you were doing. And I guess I wouldn't expect a lumberjack to use much moisturizer . . .

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