Because I only do boring things now

Here is your boring Blog post about what I'm doing with my boring paper-writing time life. It'll only be a quick update though because I have to hurry and get back to The Boring.

1. My cute visiting teachee hooked me up with a dress for the 40s ball and it is very pretty. It's actually made from the fabric that her mother was going to use to make her bridesmaids' dresses last year. Only then her fiance broke off the engagement, which was sad, and around New Year's CVT needed a nice new dress and said, "Meh, screw it" and used the fabric, which was good for her. Also that just goes to show that you get blessings when you do your visiting teaching.

2. I won't bore you with the details of the papers I still need to write. Just trust that they're there and they're a pain in my butt.

3. I went to talk to the University Library guy today, and he said that maybe they could come up with a work experience thing for me to do, but it would be a pain to organize and all the staff would hate me because I wouldn't actually be doing anything but taking their time away from their actual jobs. That was the subtext anyway, which I can appreciate. Nice guy though. Lovely Irish accent.

4. I requested an application to apply for a part-time library assistant job at a local college (high school). We'll see. Turns out Landlady J worked there once. She says my chances will be better if I don't mention her.

5. It's gorgeous outside and I wish I were there. Instead I am most definitely inside staring at my computer with my eyes turning dry and bloodshot and every 45 minutes or so I remember to lower my shoulders from their elevated position next to my ears.

Hope y'alls Thursdays are not suckfests.

The End.


CoolMom said... [reply]

I should just email. My Thursday would be too much for your readers. Congrats on the dress, though. I should actually blog my news about the blessings of visiting teaching. One of mine just sucessfully kicked out her mom after 6 years of involuntary co-habitation. I'm throwing her a party.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hi Mommie, and yay for your vt!

Also, I just went on a brisk 45 minute walk and watched the sun set. Am feeling much more balanced and less in danger of spontaneous implosion.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Get out, smell the flowers, breathe deeply. No get back in there and kick some butt!

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

A lovely Irish accent shall cover the multitude of sins.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

mine sucks. And I am very boring and no one comments on my blog either. Also, You forgot to talk about the nekkid boys.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

I'm so glad you found a dress! I'm sure it will be even better than the one from The Place Who Will Not Be Named. It's good to see that the visiting teaching program really works.

Good luck on all of your papers. Good job at getting out and taking some time to just breathe, because, remember, spontaneous implosion really is hazardous to your health.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

glad you found a dress.

i spent all of my thursday helping a friend in my ward pack up her ouse becasue she is moving. i'm thinking this kind act for a person that is not my vtee, makes up for my not actually visiting my assigned sisters. maybe i'll make them some cookies.

daltongirl said... [reply]

No suckfest for me. I got to have lunch at the Alpine Country Club. The day before that I had lunch at the Snowbird Resort and watched people skiing. So the volunteer life is pretty good. Hopefully someone will let you do it, and you'll find out just how great it can be.

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