I'm gonna go get one of those job things

The Networking People say that when you're on the lookout for a job you should tell everyone, because you never know where the Big Tip might come from. So, this is me attempting to invoke the Mighty Powers of Networking by doing just that.

I'm thinking about moving back to UT in the fall. Just a few reasons for this are:

1. I know people there.
2. I may end up having to get a low-paying library assistant-type job for the first year, and it will be a lot easier to live on the cheap in UT for a while than in someplace cool but strangle-you-with-your-own-intestines-expensive like London or Boston or Seattle. That can come later when I'm making more than $8 an hour.
3. Coney's might be hiring. Free custard, baby!
4. If all else fails, I will head for the desert and try polygamy. They probably don't make you get a job if you're wearing Laura Ingalls Wilder dresses and hiding out on a compound.

So. Here's where I grovel. I know some people who have been on here are library students or librarians or know people who work in libraries or have been to a library or know that it's wrong to pronounce it "liberry." I'd like to get your input on what the library job sitch is like in UT, or if anyone knows of any upcoming openings or good contacts or advice or anything like that. Also if anyone who works in libraries wants to pass my name on that would be great too. Only please don't tell them that Miss Nemesis wants a job. They'll probably think I'm some sort of dominatrix weirdo. I'll give you the real name if you email me!

Right now I'm thinking Salt Lake Valley, Utah Valley, and Logan. I'm up for public or academic libraries. Or school libraries, even though I don't have a teaching degree. Or, really, whatever I can get.

And even though I have zero experience working in an actual library and might not get any this summer on account of England is mean, I do have customer service, marketing, editing, supervisory, working with children and teenagers, bow-hunting, and other great skills. And I never compliment myself, but my friends say I am doing quite well in the top librarianship program in the UK. The soonest I would be in UT is probably the last week of September

So, if anyone has some crumbs to throw, I'd be grateful. You can comment or email, whichever you prefer. Please don't make me go live in Alaska and work at the Dimond Mall food court. I would really prefer to avoid that.


kristen said... [reply]

Do you have computer hacking skills? Because that could seal the deal. Seriously, though I will keep my eyes/ears open....even though I'm not exactly on the 'know' for libraries.

And Yay for coming to Utah!! Hey, if you worked at Coney's, you could score us all some free custard : )

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

Here's the employment page for the Salt Lake County Library System. It looks like they've got several openings right now, but I have no idea if any of those will still be open four months from now. Good luck, Nemesis.

Desmama said... [reply]

Okay, so I'm all over the Logan thing. Give me a few days to scrape up what I can and I'll PM you.

Spitfire said... [reply]

I work at the dimond mall . . .

CoolMom said... [reply]

Okay, because I live in Alaska and am now in my fifth decade of life, I know I am very out of the loop, but I know a few things.

#1. They say "liberry" in Logan. Strike one.
#2. Alaska pays better, and has awesome summers (sometimes), has GREAT fishing, much less shopping temptations so you would save money unless you like to internet shop and pay lots of shipping charges. The winters are cold enough to kill all bacteria (and most everything else) so we have less disease. Did I mention it pays better and the fishing is GREAT! And your mommy is here and she loves you and wants to cook for you. I'd call this at least a second base hit. You could always steal home if you want.
#3. I'd live in Salt Lake before I lived in Provo. It's more diverse.

So, there, can't wait to see you. But that would make my UK vacation a bit difficult in this calendar year.

Jér said... [reply]

The Salt Lake City Library system is fantastic. Unfortunately, even though I work there, I don't have any "ins" with their human resources department, but here's the website you should be monitoring, and here's the application form.

And I would definitely take Salt Lake over Provo--in fact, I have!

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

Yeah don't go to AK. Becuase I am moving back to that state of UT one day and you better be there. Also, I need a home base there for the next two years....

Desmama said... [reply]

I hope your mom was kidding about that Logan comment.

Th. said... [reply]


Master Fob is abandoning his job in Orem in a couple months. You should ask him.

CoolMom said... [reply]

Of course she was kidding!!!

Panini said... [reply]

Coney's IS hiring! My little sister just quit her job there. :) But I would much prefer that you come to Logan...I'm moving there too! Maybe we could find a cheap country house to live in...right next to those gorgeous mountains... and we'll be the champions of all the neighborhood strays...life would be complete.

Anonymous said... [reply]

School libraries in UT . . . I love school libraries but have you heard what this state that supposedly values education is doing? They are getting rid of most of their school librarians. RIDICULOUS when you look at the positive was a powerful school librarian can affect student achievement. So unless you are willing to work as a permanent paraprofessional and make like $8 an hour--which, after all your work (in England, lucky!), is not cool, go for the public system. SLC's is supposed to be one of the better ones.

Julie said... [reply]

Some interesting jobs there squirrel boy. I clicked on one of the library jobs (not that I am in the running for one you'll be pleased to know) and found it was in jail! People round here say liberry too, but it is much cooler and damper than Utah.

Hope you manage to find the job you want, good luck!

The Walrus said... [reply]

I have no practical knowledge on the subject but...................................I say Alaska.

amyjane said... [reply]

Hey...totally off topic but did you see that Elder Oaks talk about Dating V. Hanging OUt (from that kick butt devotional) is in this month's Ensign? I remember you telling me about it but...woah. He's cool.

daltongirl said... [reply]

I know a couple of people. Maybe you could take over the job of that one person that I used to date who no longer works where he used to work. Only I bet they already filled that position, on account of that was about six months ago. Anyway, I'll check. Because I know people.

Clarify important point, please. When you say "free custard," does that mean for you because you work there, or for me, because I visit you at work every day?

FoxyJ said... [reply]

Keep an eye on the Orem city website for library jobs as well. I know of several that will be opening up sometime around the fall. Master Fob's job will be available then, but it is only part time and doesn't require an MLS (it does pay nicely though). It's a fun place to work, from what I've observed, and you could even rent one of these apartments across the street that we live in :) (Oh, and if you work there you get to check out all the movies you want for free)

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