I'm pretty sure I used to be funnier

Have been looking at old postings from last summer and laughing my fool head off, thinking, "Dang, who is that funny girl and what the crap have I done with her??"

Maybe it's because I was working at BYU, which gave me much blog fodder. Or maybe it's because there were only like 3 people reading this thing and so I didn't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings when I wrote about how stupid they are. Although really, not a whole lot of funny happens when I spend all day by myself in my room, pretending to write papers. I tell you--too much alone time = not good.

I imagine by the time I'm up to my armpits in dissertation I'll be well funny, to borrow a phrase from WR.

So today you're going to get one of those obnoxious list things.


10 Random Facts About Me, because this is my blog and so I can make it all about me if I want to

1. I am a Red-Blue according to Hartman's color code. This means I'm complex. Neener. And that I try to be the boss of people but then want them to love me. I thought I was a White for a long time, because it turns out that's what repressed Reds sometimes look like. Only AmyJane disabused me of this notion when she took the test for me. I started yelling at her when I disagreed with her answers, which kind of cinched it. ("I am SO a White, and you can just shut your face!")

2. I hate the squeaky sound of styrofoam. It sends me completely up the wall and gives me goosebumps all over--and not the good kind of goosebumps. More like the "I'll kill you or I'll kill myself, but either way the styrofoam will stop!"

3. I love trees that blossom in the spring. That's the best kind of tree, I think. And if I ever stop living like some sort of nomadic tribeswoman and get me a house of my own, I will plant some. And then I will name the house and it will be just like I'm in Anne of Green Gables.

4. I sucked my thumb until I was 12, or some other freakishly old age. I guess I just figured that if you've found a good thing, why quit? It generally takes me a while to realize that some things just aren't worth doing anymore.

5. I had braces my senior year of high school. And goshawful bangs. And in one of my senior pictures they had me with my face nestled against a fake plastic tree trunk. There were so many things wrong with 1997, really.

6. My first kiss was at the age of 19. My mother was stunned when she learned this. "Really? You didn't even kiss your Prom date?" "No Mom, we went as friends, so why would he kiss me?" "Well he could have done it to be nice!" Because we all want our first kiss to be a Pity Kiss. Plus I think I still had braces then.

7. I don't like to drive. Seriously, not one bit. The only thing that appeals to me is the freedom/mobility. If I could afford it, I would just get a chauffer. And I would call him James. And he would call me "Yes Madam."

8. I remember movie facts. It's ridiculous, because there are plenty of things that I would like to remember and can't, like my PIN number or my family members' birthdays, but I could tell you who played Party Girl #3 in a movie I've never even seen.

9. I can't roll my r-r-r-r-r-r-s. I sound like a choking Gremlin when I try.

10. I can quote the Proposal Scene from Pride and Prejudice (the BBC one). And yes, this makes me a huge geek, but I bet I'm not the only one . . . Turns out it's really good for keeping you awake at the wheel. I'm making progress on the showdown between Lizzie and Lady Catherine as well. ("OBstinant HEADstrong girl, I'm aSHAMED of you!")


amyjane said... [reply]

I love you and your red-blue self sweetie! This post sure made ME miss that funny girl from last summer! I'm pretty sure she's still you, possibly with a little more stress and stuff.

The Walrus said... [reply]

I get number 2 as well. Grah! I'm getting shivers just imagining it!

kristen said... [reply]

I'm a red-white, with a touch of blue (absolutely no yellow). I guess that means I'm passive aggressive, which sounds about right; and the blue part of me brings out my emotional side.

Don't worry--I still think you're funny.

And seriously: sucking your thumb at the age of 12? I bet you were the only 6th grader pulling that one. (I still love you though!)

Mary said... [reply]

wait...which proposal scene? Lizzie and Darcy or Lizzie and Mr. Collins?

I think the Collins one (BBC) is under-appreciated. It's actually written quite well. Yes quite.

Absent-minded Secretary said... [reply]

Red-blues unite! (I'm one too.)

noelle feather said... [reply]

I hate the words "stump" and "root". If I hear either word, I LITERALLY get the creeps. Goosebumps, heebie jeebies, all of the above.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

I sucked my thumb until I was 9, and I only stopped then because I went to speech therapy. I had to wear a sock on my arm for a month and call my therapist every morning to tell him that I hadn't sucked it. Nice. Oh, and I didn't get my first kiss until I was 23. These must be the true marks of genius :)

Chantel said... [reply]

LOL. Quoting the 2nd proposal to keep you awake! I love it!

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