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Remember back in the fall when I started doing the Ceroc dancing? Well I still really like it, and a bunch of us went on Friday and got our grooves on.

The whole thing is just so civil. Everyone asks each other to dance and it's extremely rude to say no to anyone. You meet people that you would never meet otherwise--one time I ended up chatting with some sort of French physicist who was working in Nottingham. There's one guy we call Vest Man--he's short and always wears a black tank top (UK translation: vest) and dances just a leetle bit too close. There are also the middle-aged ladies who dress like extras from Strictly Ballroom. They like to do the Dirty Dancing moves while showing off their underwear.

There's an Australian video clip on Wikipedia that shows what it looks like. Only there are no neon lights at the ones I've gone to, sorry.

On Friday I danced with one man who was about 6'5 and in his 40s. He was a very good leader, but every time he would spin me out he made this . . . face. To make this face at home, simply:

1. Place your hand upon your heart.
2. Lower your chin.
3. Tilt your head to the side.
4. Smoulder meaningfully.

Kinda made it hard for me to keep a straight face, but I managed it.

I'm a bit depressed to think that I'm going to go back to America where no one does this. My sister says I should get it started in Utah, but I wouldn't know how to teach it. Someone needs to, though, because I'm sure it would take off. Watch, I'll go into withdrawal and will have to take up Country Dancing as a substitute. Then before you know it I'll be wearing really huge belt buckles and teasing my hair way out and going to rodeos and thinking that weird little troll of a Kenny Chesney is hot. Pity me, friends.


The Walrus said... [reply]

Who is Kenny Chestnut?

Nemesis said... [reply]

He's this ratty little country singer who wears wife-beaters all the time and sings about how sexy his tractor is.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I never thought of him as a troll before. Funny stuff!

BowlerGirl said... [reply]

Hello, I found you through Cicada and have lurked around for a bit.

I used to swing dance in Provo. There is a wide variety of styles that people use, not entirely Ceroc, but still lots of fun. There is actually a really huge group of people who dance in the the Provo/Salt Lake City area. Everyone was pretty friendly back in the day...it caters a little bit more to the college age group, but all were welcome.

Good luck! I totally feel your pain, I have now where to dance these days and it is sad, sad sad!


Nemesis said... [reply]

But you will now, won't you? :-) Kenny Chesney, blech.

Bowlergirl--I must say that I love your pic. And I think you and I might be mind-melded, because I remembered about Swing Kids today and went on their website. This looks like a much better substitute, even if I would have to learn the footwork . . . sigh. Thanks a lot!

JB said... [reply]

Please, no! Don't do the country dance thing!! Stay in England if it has to come to that!!

Cicada said... [reply]

I was sad to come home to America after being in Italy and being sexually harrassed every day. No, I don't mean the sexual assault that occurred on the buses almost daily. I mean all the cat calls, etc. I figured my self esteem would plummet as soon as I came to America.

And it did.


The Walrus said... [reply]

*wolf whistles at previous commenter* ;)

kristen said... [reply]

Nem, I would never let you start country dancing. And if you sported one of those gigantic belt buckles I'll rip it off and smack you over the head with it :) I love you too much to see you throw your life away to country dancing.

photogenic said... [reply]

Come now, country dancing is a good time. You just have to know how. And have a good partner. Admittedly going to the teen center on freedom and 5th and dancing with all of the gangle creatures will give it a bad name. But let's be honest, dancing the Ceroc at the teen center would be just as bad. Oh, the gangle creatures. If you do decide to do anything Ceroc related leave me a comment and I will so be there.

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