Lessons from the master

I've been asked by my mom to make a birthday list. I always have a hard time with this, because I can never think of what I want--my mind tends to go into all these practical considerations as though I'm the one buying the stuff. So I usually get cash, which then just gets added to my checking account and used on regular stupid things like laundry detergent and ibuprofin.

My sister Jenny, on the other hand, can immediately rattle off a wish list without pausing for breath. Her favorite thing to do in this world, I think, is to make lists of things that she wants and which other people should buy for her. So I got her on Gtalk and this is our conversation.

Me: Hey Jen. You're good at birthday lists, what should I put on mine?

Jenny: I can email you my Excel document of birthday ideas if you want.

Me: Yes, please do.

Jenny: Hah! Just kidding. I don't have it in Excel. It's in Word.

Me: I'm laughing in the computer lab now. I should probably just ask for cash, which I will then use for travelling to interviews. Sigh . . .

Jenny: I like to start with BIG WANTS and then end with things I need, that way when people are done reading the needs are at the top of their mind.

Me: hahaha

Jenny: Stop laughing. If you are poor and know that you will blow money people give you on bills then get gift cards.

Me: Oooh, that's smart!

Jenny: That way you HAVE to get birthday-related stuff and not paying-your-utilities related.

Me: Unless I buy Target groceries with them.

Jenny: Anyway.

Big stuff
Home decor/kitchen
Body care

That is my bday list heirarchy. Obviously you can structure yours however you want. Oh, and in between Body care and Needs is nice dinners and things.

Me: Can I please tell the Internet about this conversation?

Jenny: Of course! Sometimes I do Kitchen stuff above Clothes though, because you know know how much I love that stuff.

Me: Yes I do.

Jenny: Or you can do it by store, but that's not as exciting.

Me: No, bit cold, really.

Jenny: So since you're moving you need a furnished condo, a job, new wardrobe, a car, and a hot arm-candy boyfriend.

Me: I KNOW! That IS what I neeed!!

So. We've got it all figured out now. On that happy note I am leaving in the morning for North Yorkshire. If any of you would like to be a force for social change while I'm gone, you can do it here. You'll also be helping developing nations in Africa, which Brad Pitt finds really attractive.


Cicada said... [reply]

Seriously, I love Jenny more everytime I read her blog or read about her. This is classic.

Suzie1 said... [reply]

THAT's why I don't have a boyfriend! I just haven't asked for it for my birthday yet. Duh! Thanks for the info!

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

Wow. I could give a list of at least a half dozen things I want any time of year, but I've never thought to organize them into categories in order to ensure that I get the most important things. That's just brilliant.

DanaLee said... [reply]

Nem, I am totally on top of the social change. However, I have veto doing things to impress the Pitt. My method for birthday requests is always ask for something I really know I won’t get first, then when I ask for what I truly want it appears much more reasonable and then I get it. Except this year when my mom gave me her gas card to use on annual birthday road trip. She said I could fill up three times on her. We pulled over for the first fill; I put the card in and got a harsh beep. The woman gave me her expired gas card. So typical my mother. And even more typical for things that happen to me.

Side Note to Jenny: How are you and Savvy enjoying the Curious George soundtrack that you requested for your birthday?

Saxon said... [reply]

any reason your off to North Yorkshire? or did you decide you just wanted sumthing to do:-)

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

Danalee, I think Jack Johnson is Savannah's new boyfriend. She will sing along to a few lines of his songs and it's hilarious. She likes all the music you sent. I think the Teddy Bear song by Hap Palmer is her fav right now.

kristen said... [reply]

I'd go for the furnished condo thing.....

BTW--what are your plans for the post-England era?

chosha said... [reply]

Books would have made my list (or does that fall under 'needs'?) Not that you have time to read anything non-dissertation related right now.

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