So there was this one time in Prague

On our first night there I won the Fraidy-Cat award.

We walked around the Palace grounds, which are huge and beautiful and consist of lots and lots of buildings. It turned dusky while we were there, and it was beautiful and lovely. But as went down this one narrow street we started seeing less and less people until we were the only ones. And I got nervous out about walking down an unfamiliar dark deserted street, because I'm always paranoid about being found dead in a ditch somewhere and having people read the headlines and say, "Stupid American girl! What was she thinking doing x? American girls who are that stupid should just stay home."

After we got a bit further down I could hear a couple of men shouting in Czech the other end, and finally informed Banana and Cordelia that there was no way I was walking down there to get killed during some drug-deal-gone-horribly-wrong, because what they were probably shouting was something like, "I am so angry with you for what you are saying and I am going to stab the next blond girl who gets near me!" So I was being all tense and freaky. Just as they were about to give in and go back up to the front entrance with me, another group of tourists appeared behind us. So that meant we were safe to follow them down to where the yelling was.

So . . . you know the drug deal? It was actually the National Shakespearovske Festival. They were doing Othello. Hence the shouting. But I would like to point out that I was actually kind of accurate when I guessed what they were saying.

Yeah. The girls had a pretty good time laughing over that one, and every time we saw advertisements for the festival over the next three days (which happened a lot) they would go "Oooh, [Nem]! It's Shakespeare! Scary!!!"

Only check out this picture! It is scary. I don't care what anyone else says.


Stupidramblings said... [reply]

Othello must be the precursor to DMX's album cover where he's drenched in blood...

CoolMom said... [reply]

I miss the Utah Festival. I loved it!!! I also miss all the gossip from your buds.

Lindsay said... [reply]

So, I think you were totally justified in being freaked out. Because I mean, you never know...and Othello can get kind of intense.

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

Oh my.That is scary.You are right to be afraid

daltongirl said... [reply]

I think you were absolutely right to be scared. And after feeling very relieved that you were actually safe, I also thought about how you are hilarious. Because who else would come up with the thing about how you were right about what those guys were shouting?

cordelia said... [reply]

he he he...it was so funny!!!! Shakespeareovskie.. what a name! Love you nemesis.. you brought a lot of entertainment to the holiday! We had some good times. Im glad to see this made its way up on your blog... banana and i felt it was necessary for the world to hear it he he.
cordelia xx

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