I'm really quite irritated by The Man right now

I've decided that it's not good to be unemployed. AND it's not fair.

First I tried to apply for an Delta Skymiles American Express credit card. I had one before but cancelled it last year because I didn't want to pay the yearly fee when I wasn't going to be able to use it in Ye Olde Englande. But when I called up to get a new one, the lady on the other line had a huge problem with the fact that I don't have any employer info. I told her that I have savings and student loan money, which I'm living on now while I look for a job. And I would be happy to provide documentation of my sources of income. That wasn't good enough. Unless I have someone writing out a check to me every month it doesn't count. Please don't ask me why they won't give me one and yet my sister & b-in-law who definitely do not have jobs have a Platinum Delta Skymiles American Express card. And no, I'm not a jerk for bringing that up, because Jenny brought it up too, at which point I yelled "I KNOW!!!" in the manner of Monica Geller.

So. Hate those people.

Now for the car. I've been looking for one of those this week. It's an important purchase for me because it will enable me to get to job interviews. Not that it isn't cool to have my sister drive me places with two babies in the back seat, because it is. I found one that I like and started calling around to find out about getting an auto loan. I started with my bank because they're the ones I got my last one from. (And PAID IT OFF EARLY, MIND YOU).

But they freaked out when I said I didn't have an employer. So I asked if I could get a co-signer. They said sure. But when I told them my dad lives in AK they said nevermind, they only like people from Utah County. Because other people steal. And might not be Mormon. Or possibly it's because they're a credit union and they can do that. Their brilliant solution was that I should wait until after I found a job to apply for a loan. I refrained from bellowing into the phone that I'm looking for a library job and it could take years and how the crap do they expect me to FIND a job if I don't even have a car. And lest you think I'm being unrealistic, I've applied for a job in Logan, which is several hours away. Public transport won't cut it there.

Then I called the company that I do my auto insurance with, because they do loans too. Same story. Only they will let my Dad cosign. But by that time I was just sick of the whole mess. I know it's just the way things go and they don't know me personally or anything, but I'm so financially responsible that it's kind of sick. So it's a bit demoralizing to have long lists of people tell me that I'm too much of a risk and that I'm just some unemployed freeloader and that if I weren't so lazy I could have had a job by now and also they're guessing by my voice that I'm fat and maybe it wouldn't hurt to run around the block a few times and lay off on the ice cream.

So you know what? That's fine. I'll just pay cash.

Please meet my 2002 Special Edition Honda Accord. I'm picking it up this afternoon. Mine is red. And has a sun roof. And no one will be making any interest whatsoever off me.



Panini said... [reply]

tell me when you're up here for your interview, you're welcome to stay at my place. And sorry about the stupid heads.

Desmama said... [reply]

Check you out! That really is a good car--will last you a good long while. And you are financially responsible because if you paid cash for it--that's sweet. No paying interest on something that depreciates in value. Good girl!

chosha said... [reply]

Whoa that car is lovely (I'm still driving an '84 Corona). And you just saved a HEAP of money on it by paying cash. So yah you!

metamorphose said... [reply]

So if you're unemployed you must be fat? Fat people are lazy?

Congrats on the new car! I wish I could pay for a car in cash! Wowser!

sagehill said... [reply]

Congrats on the car. I know how obnoxious companies can be, so I'm glad you were able to stick it to the man....and not pay interest.

kristen said... [reply]

You go girl. You must be rich if you have all that money to pay cash for a car.

So how is it that people who have screwed up credit and/or are on govt assistance can get a loan? We live in a messed up society....

Any good job prospects?

Scully said... [reply]

Nemesis, I think we should start a Lazy & Unemployed Club. Where we get together daily, in our sweats and oily hair, and watch Oprah or Ellen while eating chocolate bon-bons. Because that is obviously what we do all day.

CoolMom said... [reply]

Your new red car will match my new red phone. Yes, I broke down and got a new phone, but I also had to get a new phone plan. :(

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

Just incase anyone is wondering, we have amazing credit and we both had 2 jobs when we got the credit card.

blackjazz said... [reply]

Recently a UK hamper company called Fairpak went into administration (i.e. ceased trading). Some people save throughout the year and get it all back at Christmas to pay for things. It tends to be low wage people who wouldn't cope with saving in a bank, because they would draw the money out early. People have typically lost £hundreds, perhaps as much as £500 or more.
A radio news programme explained that this will drive some people into the unscrupulous hands of people who loan money at an obscene rate. With some of them, if you work out the annual interest rate, it comes to millions%! I'm pretty sure this is all illegal. Beating people up who don't pay is also illegal. (Another practice.)

Well done for paying in cash!

Maria said... [reply]

idiots... But I love the car!

ambrosia ananas said... [reply]

I am so impressed. You paid cash despite not having a job? You're, like, the posterchild of fiscal responsbility.

Jimmy said... [reply]

And you are gonna love that car so much more knowing it's all yours, and no payments!

(trust me, lol)

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