Loving the new car

It is so so very nice. I never thought I would end up with a car this nice--at least not right now while I'm all unemployed an' junk. I was looking for a cheapo college car, and the nicest I was willing to go was a Honda Civic. So I went to test-drive one and the guy said they had an Accord that was actually the same price. I got a deal.

Full disclosure: I did not make full use of the bargaining chip that is "paying with cash." I should have tried to get them to knock some off the price that way. But I turn into such a girl when it comes to car things and I'm not assertive at all. Next time I will be prepared. I did make the guy wash it though, so that's a small victory.

I feel like such a grown-up in this thing. It even has a CD player! I have never owned a car with a CD player before, because they were all very, very basic cars and I was too cheap to just buy one and install it. (Note: when I sold my 1996 Hyundai Accent to my little sister Spitfire that was the first thing she did. The total destruction of the transmission came later. As did the wreck.)

It has keyless entry, and every time I lock it with my little remote thingy I push the button an extra time so that the horn will honk at me. And then I chortle madly with my teeth bared and innocent passerbys are made afraid. I imagine this urge will wear off in time.

My love was made full when I called to set up my car insurance and found out that I will actually be paying less per month than I was for my old 1999 Corolla. Even the USAA agent, who is from Arizona and is my new BFF, was surprised when she came up with the final figure. Turns out choosing the Accord over the Civic was a good idea, because the Civic's reputation as America's Most Stolen Vehicle would have made my insurance more.

So now if Santa could just come up with a job and a sugar daddy my life will be pretty much complete.


kristen said... [reply]

You're movin' on up, just like George and Weezie.

Scully said... [reply]

Well, Nemesis, you could always try sugardaddy.com, which is an actual website my mother heard about on an episode of Dr. Phil she got sucked into when she was lying on the couch recovering from a migraine.

daltongirl said... [reply]

So this means you'll be dropping by soon, I hope!

Desmama said... [reply]

I do believe the next order of business should be to name the car, no? My vote is for Claire--with an e.

CoolMom said... [reply]

Next time you buy a car, take Spitfire. She's quite the wheeler/dealer. The nice Russian young man (with a wife and small child) she bought the Sentra from tried to convince her he wasn't making any money on the car what so ever and that he was having a hard time feeding his family. She was unmoved and ready to walk. Even I was ready to cave in and offer him some grocery money. I think she made him wash it and fill it up with gas.

Th. said... [reply]


Sugar Daddies are terrible on your teeth.

rivenrock said... [reply]

With that sweet ride (and the CD player!!!) maybe you're the sugarmama. =)

Jimmy said... [reply]

Good luck, and enjoy that car!

Oh and if you want gifts from your wishlist, ya gotta set up a real one, like on Amazon. (not sugardaddy.com!!!!)

Santa can sure be tricky!

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