Sooo much chocolate

I went to that Chocolate Show over the weekend with my Jenny, Hannah, and HT. They are good people to spend an evening with. Also HT told me that my hair inspired her to get a perm (which looks really nice on her, btw.) I was kind of floored, though, because I have never, ever, in my life, ever, been One Whose Appearance Inspires Emulation. Ever. I am glad that you were able to witness this day with me.

We got off to a late start because of all the BYU football game traffic and then the really freaky on/off ramps when you're trying to get on I-15 coming from the west but the on-ramp is all curvy so you can't go more than 25 mph around the curve but then BAM it spills you out onto the freeway where people are trying to kill you. Plus it was dark and I'm still getting used to driving again. I found finger-grip marks left in the upholstery after we dropped the girls off.

The Chocolate Show had much, much chocolate. There were flavored chocolates and chocolate fountains and truffles and fudge and chocolate popcorn and hot chocolate and chocolate milk and every good thing. There were also some people who I didn't think really needed to be there, as they did not add to my chocolate consumption:

  • This very weathered and adversarial lady pushing the Salt Lake Tribune on us.
  • A guy who wanted us to come test some luxury condos in Park City but took it back when he found out that we did not make the minimum required income. I'm not sure what part of "Sorry, we're too poor for that" he didn't get when I first said it.
  • Wedding photographers.
  • A company which peddled diet chocolate. I steered clear of them.
  • The jewelry people. I swear, wherever there are booths, there will be jewelry people. I don't love the jewelry people.

Getting there near the end turned out to be a good idea because the vendors just wanted to get rid of stuff by then. The See's Chocolate rep shoved handfuls of chocolate lollipops at us. I got a caramel & chocolate dipped Granny Smith apple for $2.50 instead of $6.50.

Alan Osmond was there auctioning off the chocolate sculptures to support a children's charity. They auctioned things like "this chocolate sculpture and a Donny Osmond tour jacket" and "this chocolate sculpture and two Marie Osmond dolls which will come to life while you sleep and grow claws and kill your children."


CoolMom said... [reply]

I still can't beleive you didn't even think of me or get me any. Or even call me to ask if I wanted some. Or even get me some and tell me that I owe you $$! Who do you think taught you to love chocolate more than life itself??? It wasn't your dad.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Um, who says we didn't, crazy woman?

stupidramblings said... [reply]

My favorite part was the booth that was selling vacations (or something non-chocolate) and had a very small bowl of Hershey's Miniatures on the table.

You're at a FREAKING CHOCOLATE SHOW! take a different candy so your freebies are not being compared to EVERYTHING AROUND YOU.

The "healthy chocolate" was disgusting, but they told me it cures cancer, so I bought three hundred pounds (300 lbs.) of the stuff.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I heart V chocolates.

Desmama said... [reply]

Was Cummings Chocolates there? I love those guys . . . Their chocolate-covered grapes are amazing.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

That sounds delicious, but what makes me sad is that my current state makes chocolate un-enjoyable.

I bet you thought you would never hear me say such a thing. I never thought there would be a time in my life when chocolate would sound good but actually make me feel yucky...
it's just not right.

Kelly said... [reply]

Word on the Marie Osmond doll. I had one when I was little and it was the scariest thing ever. Her head was HUGE and her smile ever moreso.

I'm jealous of the chocolate caramel apple.

Saxon said... [reply]

i bet that none of it was better then cadburys though :-)

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