Best birth control ever

Last night I watched the babies while Jenny and Ed spent a night at the Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast. I was happy to help out, but by the time they came home I was SO very ready to be done. And I don't know why anyone would actually sign up to be a single parent. Ever. I mean, I realize that life happens, and nobody had ever be thinking that if my husband turns out to be a creep that I won't leave his trash because I so will, and I'll take all his money, even if I have three sets of twins and some of them are in wheelchairs. It's just that not once during those 18 hours did I think, "Hey, you know what would be cool? If EVERY DAY were just like this."

I got off relatively easy, though. The kids went to bed nicely, Ethan only woke up screaming once at 3:00am, and then he slept until 7am. For Jen that's a luxurious night. As an added treat, Amyjane & Sean stopped by (without cute Baby Patrick) and ended up staying the night rather than driving through the snow to Idaho. So they got to watch me stagger around all bleary-eyed and frog-voiced in the morning. They hid their smiles behind bowls of Life cereal and didn't even mock my parenting nonskills until they got in their car, which was good of them. There was much to mock, though, as Savannah and I went the rounds about what kind of cereal she was going to have, what kind of bowl it was going to be in, what amount of cereal was proper, which spoon to use, and which seat to sit in. Basically she wanted it to be Weirdo Opposites Day on account of feeling all abandoned by her parents. After breakfast we sat on the couch to watch Charlie & Lola and every 45 seconds she would turn to me all panic-eyed and plead, "Momma hold you? Momma hold you? Momma hold you????"

Me: "Yes, Momma will hold you as soon as she gets home."

Savvy, whimpering: "Okayokayokay!"

Now imagine that happening about 18 times. And then resist the urge to beat your head against a wall.


Scully said... [reply]

I totally agree! A good friend of mine has an 18 month-old son that have baby-sat practically from birth. I remember one night picking him up on my way home from work so they could have an evening together. As I was struggling from my car to the building with my purse, the diaper bag, the car seat with the baby inside, I wondered how anyone did it! After four hours, the responsibility exhausts me, 18 hours must have been mind-blowing! Especially after being sick.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I got ten hours of sleep. It was the best thing ever. Also, I when we came home and Savannah's eyes filled with tears I thought to myself 'darn right you cry when I get home! I am your mother and you love me the most. Don't you forget that!' Thanks for watching them. It's too bad you're moving away from us and can't do that for us anymore.

Desmama said... [reply]

You are blessed for doing that for them--I know how much it must have meant because I can't freakin' remember the last time I got eight hours of continuous sleep. I remember being exhausted watching other people's kids, too. Single parenthood is not an inspired ambition.

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

The nice thing about being a parent is that somehow the work all seems worth it.

But yeah, you'd pretty much have to be a crazy person to want to raise kids by yourself.

jaime said... [reply]

Okay...I only recently became an insta-mom...but I can so relate on every level. Truly the best birth control there is!

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