Come away to Sabbath School

Good things about going to church with my niece & nephew rather than going to the Geriatric Singles Ward

1. Goldfish crackers
2. Cheese twists
3. Crayons
4. I look reverent and quiet by comparison
5. Listening to Savvy pretend to sing "Angels We Have Heard on High" with the rest of the congregations. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Bad things about going to church with little kids (not that these things can't happen in a singles ward--they just happen less frequently)

1. Shrieking
2. Crying
3. Mad dashes for freedom
4. Spilling of water bottles all over carpet and clothes
5. Sudden stripping off of clothes (theirs, not mine, although that would be quite eventful too)


Anonymous said... [reply]

You forgot really cool pop-up books and quiet books. Not to mention an unquestionable excuse to leave a meeting during a particularly mind-numbing talk.

abby said... [reply]

Two words: Sharing Time

I'm still waiting for the sudden stripping off of clothes in my singles ward. :)

Mad dashes of freedom typically happen as soon as Church is over on Fast Sunday.

stupidramblings said... [reply]

Well, someone I know got called to be nursury leader. It's not me I swear, but the first mate will be chillin' with me every week, not just every other week like before. I look forward to my wife Limpy not having any unstained clothes soon. Soon all she'll have left to wear to church will be the halloween costume.

Anonymous said... [reply]

The nursery can be just as fun. I taught my nursery class the hokey pokey. Then the parents started complaining because the kids started asking for nursery everyday. It's fun to corrupt kids and not have any responsibility for it.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

SR- Does your nursery have the wonderful invention that is the bubble gun? I highly recommend it.

Sarita said... [reply]

Umm, my niece has undressed me in church before.

She was feeling the fabric of the silkiness of my skirt whilst resting her head in my lap when suddenly, I felt a draft. Looked down to discoverthat she had pulled up my skirt to snuggle with it leaving me exposed. Not sure how long I was sitting like that.

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