Seriously, people

So I'm thinking it would be a LOT better if life could just be normal and uncomplicated. There are some things happening with the job and I'm not sure what the outcome will be. And there's another job opening now nearby that would pay me loads more and is at a library that I already love. So, yeah. No idea what I'm meant to do there. I did apply for the nearby job, though. Because who knows.

On a happier note, I had a good weekend. I went out with BDG (blind date guy) and had a great time. We accidentally ended up eating at a really, really nice restaurant on Main Street in Park City. It was so cold outside that we sort of ran into the first place we came to. Not a good idea in Park City, turns out. But when you're freezing to death you don't think straight. I almost died when I opened the menu and saw the prices. I'm sure BDG was a bit stunned as well but he was cool about it.

I have to say, though. That was some of the best food I've ever had. Ever. Here's an example menu, but be warned that those prices are lower than the real ones. So add a bit more volume to the "Gahh!!" and you'll have it.

Everything was beautiful. We sat in this booth that had curtains you can pull closed if you want. The server came out with steaming hand towels. They brought us fried wonton-wrapper chips to dip in a mustard curry sauce, and then after we ordered they brought us each a nibble of skate in a Thai basil-coconut sauce, compliments of the chef. I wanted to close the curtains so I could lick the sauce off the little dish, it was that good. But I was trying really hard to be couth. I ordered these huge scallops with tarragon and garlic and I don't even remember what, but they were set along the border of a circle of marinated shittake mushroom and a center of this creamy cauliflower puree. They were amazing. I really wanted to to take a picture to show you, but didn't have my camera with me. Also, the couth thing.

Seriously, it was so, so great. I think BDG really enjoyed it too (that or he's good at disguising an impending heart attack and/or sobbing). This helped keep me from feeling bad about bankrupting him with my dinner. Not that it was my fault. But you know. Next time we go out I think I'll suggest something a bit easier on the wallet--like free hot chocolate in bank lobbies. Or free hot dogs at RC Willey.


CoolMom said... [reply]

I think I could live in Park City. And I could eat at that restaurant. If I had to. But the thought of leaving cold, dark, lonely Alaska.............it would be a sacrifice.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

My only experience with Park City restuarants is the Thai one where they ignored us for over half an hour (even though we were the only people there) and then brought us free dumplings to compensate.

If you apply for the local job, they do tend to get large amounts of applicants and they do tend to take a long time deciding. But, they're a great place to work and the benefits are really good. You could even rent one of the holes we used to live in right across the street!

(Actually, our old apartment wasn't a terrible hole, otherwise we wouldn't have stayed for 3 years. But it was old and dark)

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I don't know if I could ever eat there and not feel guilty and/or gawk the whole time.

Foxy- how could someone ignore you for 30 minutes? I wonder what they were doing instead.

chosha said... [reply]

I would've just offered to split it. Or is this frowned upon in your part of the world?

kristen said... [reply]

I'd go for the RC Willey hot dogs; you also get free drinks.

Don't feel too bad.....He should have done his homework and picked out a place.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Chosha, your idea is an intriguing one. I wouldn't say it's frowned upon, but it's usually not until further along in the relationship that you start going dutch or the girl starts treating the guy. That's just been my experience though, what does everyone else think?

In this case if I'd offered to pay my share I don't think he would have accepted--'specially since I have no income at the moment.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

Theric and I went to Park City for our anniversary once. We stayed in this really cute bed and breakfast, it was great and cheap too since it was July. We had planned to have one nice dinner out but when we looked at some posted menus and Theric had to catch me before hitting the ground, we knew we had not budgeted nearly enough. Apparently the restaurants do not lower their prices for the off season.

Park City, a beautiful place but not for the poor...really it's only for the really rich, or people who can justify spending like $200 on a meal.

stupidramblings said... [reply]

Hey Nem.

I just found out another job opened at the place you used to work. It's a 52 OR 53 DOE, and you'd be working I.D. under the person who got that job I told you about before. Who got the job? I can tell you more if you're interested.

I wasn't sure if you'd be interested since you just took a job, but you're telling me you're having second thoughts.

Decode that!

eleka nahmen said... [reply]

The inherent value of a guy is directly linked to how much he is willing to spend on you for dinner without blinking. Sounds like you found a choice one.

abby said... [reply]


You definitely have some options to weigh here and not just the cost of a Park City meal. As for that, if he was willing to pay you let 'em. I'm with you that Dutch shouldn't be until after a LONG time dating. I'm thinking more after engagement. Dating is a courting time and he should be impressing you.

On the job, if you change your mind tell them as soon as you can. It's only fair to them and they'll like you much more. I went through the same experience a few months ago. When my reaction was oh crap I got the job. I agonized about it for a night and then wrote the email saying no thanks. I got an email later from another librarian who I met during the interview who told me another job that her friend's library had available. It was really kind of her and unexpected.

I also won't waste an opportunity because you COULD get a job at the Orem PL or what ever it is. I did that once and totally regretted it because I was jobless for 6 months. Really weigh your options and pray about it. Do you really want to move to Logan? That's the life changing decision.

I think being closer to BDG may be a better thing for you, but it's so early that I guess that's not a good factor.

Jér said... [reply]

If you are still looking for a Utah-area job at this point, there's a new opening at the fabulous library where I work. Call 801-524-8200 for details.

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