Was sloth part of your cover, too?

Remember how I'm supposed to be getting in shape? This week has been "Free Week" at the local rec center, so I've been to two of their yoga classes and am going to another one tonight.

Monday night's class was pretty tame. I'm used to doing Power Yoga, which is more intense and lasts longer. This didn't feel like quite as much work. It was still nice, though. The next morning they had a class that's half Yoga and half Pilates. When I showed up I was the only person in the room under the age of 45. Most of the other class members were little old ladies.

My thought: "Aw, crap. This one will probably be really toned down, too. Dangit."

Yeah. I should really stop thinking things. Those sweet little old ladies kicked my trash and then spat on my remains. While laughing and lifting cars with one hand.

By the end of the yoga I was tired. Then they started with the Pilates. My whole body was shaking and I had to collapse on the mat a few times while the little old ladies serenely lifted their whole body weight with just their ab muscles. I wanted to die. Turns out I have no abdominal strength. None. I knew this before, but thought I surely must be able to beat out a bunch of old ladies. Nope. I could maybe take on someone who just gave birth to quints and spent the entire pregnancy in bed, but even she might be able to call on hidden resources and destroy me.

So now I'm doing crunches every night so that I can maybe represent myself better next week.


CoolMom said... [reply]

I'm a little stunned, but oh well. At least you know the class is worth attending. I found the same thing in my yoga class as well. Sixty year old women who can stand on their heads forever. It took two women to help me get my butt above my head. Then the blood started rushing to my face and I thought my face would explode. And this is supposed to be relaxing? Maybe compared to water torture.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Those older women really have it going on. My goal is to be them some day. I took a spinning class next to two older women and while I was dying, I swear they were smiling through it all.

Kristeee said... [reply]

Haha! That's hilarious. The first time I tried Pilates I was amazed at how some "little stretches" could kick my butt. I laughed so hard at my lack of skill - but that hurt my poor, weary stomach muscles, so I had to stop. But oh, the triumph when I could do those monster moves! Go old ladies!

kristen said... [reply]

I'm just proud that I can make it through my entire Pilates video without pausing.

April said... [reply]

I've never tried Pilates, but I did start at Curves this week. I get a good workout without feeling like I'm over-exerting myself. But yeah, there was an older woman in there who totally had to be on steroids because of how much energy and strength she had. Crazy.

Panini said... [reply]

How do you find out about these things? Free week at the rec. center--I didn't even know there was a rec.center! (but I belong to a gym, so I'm okay)

Jimmy said... [reply]

LOL, scary how "in shape" those little old ladies can be, right? Hang tough...you'll get your revenge!

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