Coming to terms

My sister is becoming this hard-body exercise champ. It's very shaming to me, because she has these two little kids who hang onto her like remoras or leeches or other hangy-on-type parasites. So she creeps out of the house at 6:30 in the snow to go run 6 billion miles or whatever. I'm at her house this morning because I have weekend plans down here and didn't want to drive through THE STORM that is supposed to hit today and bury us all like the Donner party. (p.s. If it comes eating time, I call dibs on Ethan--those thighs are fat.)

She nudged me at 6:20 to see if I wanted to come with her. I had every intention of doing it but didn't sleep very well. I'm a wuss. And I'm just going to have to be okay with that.


stupidramblings said... [reply]

So for Lent you gave up insanely early exercise?

Desmama said... [reply]

You made it down there--I'm so glad. We have a lot of snow up here, so you made a good choice to head down early.

Saxon said... [reply]

your not a wus. I wouldn't want to get up at 6.20 to go running in good conditions let alone snow!

Sarita said... [reply]

Umm, I woke up on this snowy day and contimplated not going to work. Or anywhere for that matter.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

Ok. I'm really not that hardcore. I ran inside and I drive a Subaru so the weather isn't really an issue. And I live less than a mile from the gym. But I am getting fit. And I thought she was kindof a pansy about the whole thing until she told me she didn't sleep well.

kristen said... [reply]

I would have kept sleeping, too. It takes a lot to get me out of bed--like serious willpower.

foodie said... [reply]

I am always so gung ho about getting up early or go to the gym after work and excerise, but there is always some other "reason" that comes up that prevents me from going. Ever feel like smacking the person who wakes you up even though you asked them to???

Ed said... [reply]

I'm not going to sympathize with you. The human body is made to be used. The more you use it the stronger it gets. Also, if I didn't have kids I would not ever get up before 7 am. Unless it was to go skiing or something.

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