Because I get tired of being always in the spotlight*

Today I'm going to brag on some people who are important to me. I've decided to go with the three I mentioned in yesterday's post: Desmama, Cicada, and Daltongirl.

Desmama was my first blogger friend. She even sent me a birthday present when I told the blog it was my birthday. This kept me blogging, because who even knew that blogging = presents!! I didn't meet her in real life until I came up to L**** for my job interview. She took me out to dinner, listened to the lowdown on the interview, and was even more wonderful and gracious than I'd pictured her.

Fun facts about Desmama:

  • She used to edit crappy (and some not-so-crappy) LDS fiction and has fabulous stories about working with completely delusional authors who can't string two sentences together.
  • She teaches her little girls to call adults "Miss So-and-so." Also her little girls are just precious.
  • Her bathroom is lovely, with lots and lots of pretty soft rolled hand-towels for guests.
  • She is genuinely interested in other people and remembers pretty much everything I've ever told her.
  • One day she will probably murder me in my bed because I keep telling everything that her favorite book is Apache Lover.

I met Cicada when we both worked at BYU as student editors. She is one of the coolest people I know. I even got to be her boss for a little while, which only got awkward on the day when I was told to send her home to change out of a skirt that was too short. (Only it wasn't too short at all.) Even though she is Canadian, I consider her a dear friend.

Fun facts about Cicada:

  • I love the way she dresses. I wish she would dress me. And maybe buy my clothes for me too, since she's willing to spend more than I am. And since she makes more than me now.
  • Cicada once took me into the bathroom at work to explain the proper way to apply eyeshadow. Hers always looks perfect, and I'm still clueless about it.
  • Cicada speaks fluent French and Italian. And can edit like nobody's business. I really hate that about her.
  • She makes everything look beautiful. I envy the way she moves into a new place and just gets to work making it fabulous and absolutely unique.
  • She loves her family and would do anything for her brothers.

Daltongirl was my boss at BYU going on I'm not telling how many years ago. My favorite thing was to go into her office with a "work-related question" and then just sit and gab for 45 minutes at a time. Daltongirl is one of the funniest people I know, as well as the original Voice of Reason. I kind of stole that name to use on my blog, actually. I offered to give it back when she started hers but she said no.

Fun facts about Daltongirl:

  • She is incredibly generous. She once let me live with her rent-free for an entire summer back when she was a struggling single mom.
  • I think she can do just about anything. And I mean that.
  • Her yard-saling and thrift-store-shopping abilities boggle me. I can't believe half the stuff she finds.
  • Daltongirl is a wonderful mom.
  • She might hate me for saying this, but I will always look up to her. She has been through some awful things and yet she's this faithful, hopeful, amazing person who looks for ways to help others.
So there. I hope all your ears are burning. And I'm glad I get to spend my end of week/weekend with you.

*Okay so that's a lie. I never get tired of that.


Scully said... [reply]

What lovely women! Is it weird that I think of them as friends I haven't met yet? If I still lived in Utah, I would have tried to connive an introduction. I'll have to settle with visiting their blogs. Oh, and I brag about my friend Nemesis, the brilliant blogger too.

Lizardbreath McGee said... [reply]

I love the way the blogging world somehow connects people that otherwise would have spent their entire lives NOT interacting with each other.

Hurrah for technology!

Oh, and you have amazingly cool friends. :^)

Desmama said... [reply]

Aw, man! You are so nice, and you wrote this on a day when I was feeling particularly emotional anyway, so hotdangit if you didn't make me just cry.

Sarita said... [reply]

Way to recognize awesome women in your life. I think the blogging connection is amazing as well. Even more so that there are incredibly cool people to connect with rather than just the creepy variety.

On that note, I think I have converted my sisters to the Voice of Reason so dont be surprised if you end up with a whole family of stalkers. :)

blackjazz said... [reply]

Before asking this question, and not wanting to appear dumb, I checked in an online dictionary what Cicada is. The answer is a sort of cricket. Is that correct? Am I missing something?

And I wondered about the pronunciation too. It says "si-key-duh".

Is that right?

April said... [reply]

What a lovely tribute to your friends! Very nice.

I've met some incredible people in the blogging world, and I'd be missing out on so much if they weren't around.

Jimmy said... [reply]

I need to get 2 things going in my life...more friends like the ones you've described here, and a friend who will think this highly of me.

You write nice tributes!

Kristeee said... [reply]

My family members all think I'm lame for having blogging friends. I think it's fun. Thanks for introducing us to your friends!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Scully, I'll brag on you any time. And if I can get some of those Study Abroad photos scanned in then I'd love to embarrass us both with them . . .

Lizzie, you flatter me. And I absolutely agree about the blogging world. Somehow to me it seems way better than the chat-room world or the online hookups world.

Desmama, I could have said loads more. You're the best.

Sarita, I'm excited to meet your sisters! :-)

Blackjazz, you're right about the pronunciation of Cicada. And about the definition. They used to have lots of them where I lived in North Carolina. I believe they have lots in France, too.

April, I absolutely agree. I love reading about the conversations you and your friends have--they seem too hysterical to be true!

Thanks, Jimmy. And thanks for always having something nice to say. I really appreciate it!

Chuh, kristeee, your family is so wrong. My dad probably agrees with them, but that's not the point.

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