Sunroofs make up for a lot, I've decided

Let's talk about disappointments. They happen. Sometimes it's little disappointments, like when you find out that the dish fairy did not in fact come during the night and clean up your dirty dishes and so now you have to do it even though the dishes are full of gray, cold, greasy water and just the thought of submerging your hand in there makes you dry-heave. Sometimes it's bigger disappointments, like when the boy you were maybe thinking about liking doesn't like you back, or when the store doesn't even have any brie but expects you to just cope somehow.

So yeah. All disappointing things. And this was turning out to be a disappointing day for me. Bad weather, not feeling well, chin-zit coming up, dying alone surrounded by smelly cats, all of that. I toyed with the idea of using my lunch break to go to Wal-Mart and pull a Ticking Time Bomb: get in line with a box of tampons, a vat of ibuprofin, a 3-pound bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and an eye twitch. And then if anyone looked at me wrong I could get in their face and be all


But when I got in my car to head out for lunch, it had turned into a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Days like this I believe that it actually might one day turn green and pretty again. I opened my sunroof and felt like a movie star.

And then a succession of lovely little things happened that made me feel loads better. The best was that I went to the cheese factory to get cheddar for Daltongirl. They had all kinds of free samples just sitting out there. I tasted vanilla-flavored milk for the first time. Kind of fabulous. I bought extra-sharp white cheddar that has been aged 8 years. Eight years this cheese has been waiting for the touch of my lips.

Tonight I get to hang out with Desmama and her darling kiddies.
Tomorrow I will eat crepes with Cicada and see the glory that is her new bedroom.
Saturday I will watch my bf Ioan be righteous.
Then I will go to Daltongirl's for dinner and to meet and touch the baby chicks.

So yeah. I can't really complain.


CoolMom said... [reply]

Do you need a care package?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey, I would never turn down a care package from you, Mummy. :-)

Jimmy said... [reply]

I need a day like that...starts out bad, winds up spectacular. I just need that damned sunroof.

Nice turnaround

Lindsay said... [reply]

Glad your day turned around. It's amazing what a little sun can do. This morning the sun came out here for the first time in practically forever, and as I walked out to my car the birds were singing. And it made me feel much better about life.

Cicada said... [reply]

So excited for our slumber-weekend. I'm totally going to put your bra in the freezer if you fall asleep first.

Kristeee said... [reply]

Hooray for sunshine and really old cheese! Can't have a bad day when both of those are in your life.

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