Highlights so far

There won't even be a lowlights list because there are no lowlights!

"Singin'" is the cutest pregnant person ever.

Confirmed the existence of her husband, whom I like very much.

So far it has been sunny and warm and gorgeous. Love Washington.

Trader Joe's with its flirty checkers, dark-chocolate covered pretzels that do not come in bags nearly large enough, dried mushrooms, and every good thing.

Introducing Singin' to the new Jane Eyre film with its smouldering hot Mr. Rochester. She gets it, even if (unlike my sister Jenny) she refrained from shouting "Oh my gosh Do it! Do it now!!" at the screen.

Homemade crepes for breakfast.

Port Townsend with its pretty Victorian buildings and houses and gorgeous stores stocked with things like fabulous stationary and mango-sugar hand cream.

The high-school sophomore who tried to pick up on me in a bookstore when he heard me saying I liked the "His Dark Materials" trilogy. He asked us if we were in college. I said no, that I'd graduated from college and was now a librarian (I skipped the part where I'm like 15 years older than him).

Rhododendrons are all in bloom. Still cannot pronounce rhododendron.

Poulsbo with its Nordic buildings and flags and shops which sell things like Kinder buenos and English lemon curd.

Central Market, which is this huge grocery store that has a soup bar, a salad bar, and an olive bar. Will be posting pictures. Also has an amazing Asian food section, where I found garam masala and a base for Tom Kah Kai soup.

Must get back to vacation now. Catch y'all later!


Jenny said... [reply]

Everything sounds so nice and good.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

Those are all reasons why I love living here too. Well, I haven't been over to Port Townsend yet, but I'm sure it's pretty nice too. And I've been looking for library jobs around here, and did you know that you could have your same job here for at least double the salary at that other place? (lately I'm on a personal mission to recruit all my friends and family to move to Washington) Have a fun rest of your trip!

Azúcar said... [reply]

Mmmm Kinder Buenos.

(What am I? 9?)

Cicada said... [reply]

Oh man... singin' is such a better friend to you than I was to my weekend guest... I only gave her frozen toaster waffles for breakfast. Does it count for extra points when I really wanted to eat them myself, but gave them to her because there weren't enough for us both?

Glad you're enjoying vacation!

scienceteachermommy said... [reply]

Honeymooned in Port Townsend. So I feel your love for the area. But I resent that singin rates higher on the cute prego lady scale than I do. I was just thinking yesterday that my elephantitis ankles are adorable.

Panini said... [reply]

so jealous!!!

chosha said... [reply]

An olive bar? O_O? A whole bar for olives? How can that be? Aren't there just green ones and black ones? Apparently not...

Jimmy said... [reply]

NICE! Soak it all up and have a great time. Sounds like you're in good hands.

C. said... [reply]

Tom Kha Kai has got to be some of the most fabulous soup in the world! The only thing that comes close is Tom Yam Gung! Then again, I'm biased... I served my mission in Thailand.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Sounds like you're having a great time. Thanks for filling us in on all of the fun.

Sarita said... [reply]

My Uncle was working in Indonesia, and the company was having new cabinets put in their home before they arrived. They instructed the workers that really tall Americans would be living there (My aunt is 6' and he is the spitting image of Mr. Incredible...seriously...gets stopped on the street).

In the end, my aunt had to stand on a stool to reach the bottom shelf.

Those Americans are freakin giants.

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