Vacation's over

Sigh . . .

This'll have to be quick because I'm heading to work. But I got back last night and took one look at dry dusty Utah and kind of wanted to cry a little bit. And this is the greenest it gets here!

Everything was wonderful--the weather held out beautifully, Singin's baby decided to refrain from an early arrival, everyone was lovely and generous, and the food was amazing. Have posted pictures to Flickr but haven't given them titles or anything yet.

Would love to move up there. It's just too bad that it's one of the most competitive spots in the country as far as library jobs are concerned. (Can't you just see all the librarians duking it out Gladiator-style for the right to catalog in Washington? Because I totally can. It'd get nasty.)

It turns out that at 5'3 I'm shorter than all the other people at Singin's parents' house (that's where they're living for the moment). Singin' and her huge pregnant belly were cooking breakfast my last morning there and she started to ask me something. Seeing this as my chance to finally be useful, I rushed in all eager to know what I could do. She stopped and said, "Oh. Nevermind. You'd need a stool to do it."


scienceteachermommy said... [reply]

My dream kitchen has a bench lining the floor in front of each cover, or some kind of stool that can be pulled out with the kick of your toe.

I am enjoying just three more days at my own job. Then the real work starts . . .

singin' in the rain said... [reply]

Look it wasn't an insult or anything, it was merely a statement of fact, you know I love your petite diminutive little self.

As for the vacation, the pleasure and joy was all mine. I had fun the most. It was wonderful to eat and laugh and just have the merriest time. I was a little worried it would be more like a big lounge fest where you brought me glasses of water all day and ate soup out of cans... oh wait.

I love you, thanks for coming.

Tusk said... [reply]

*sounds of muffled laughter*

Anonymous said... [reply]

I know how you feel about coming home to a desert after spending some time in a rain forest. My solution is to buy a house with a big yard and turn it into a jungle. In my yard you forget that I live in a desert.

ed said... [reply]

It does suck coming back to Utah and having it be all brown.

It's a good thing lush green alpine meadows are only a short hike away!

FoxyJ said... [reply]

Yeah, I'm beginning to feel the competitiveness of the job market here. I guess everyone else has also figured out that jobs around here pay well.

Oh, and I'm that short and I constantly have to use a stool to do things like shut my blinds and stuff. My sister is nearly six feet tall and just laughs at me...

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