Please excuse me, I have to go Wii

So I played a Nintendo Wii last night for the first time. And it was really, really fun. And cool. It pains me to admit that, because I'm always the one ranting about how grown men these days would rather sit in their basements and play stupid video games rather than taking attractive and witty librarians on dates. Turns out there are some grown men who have figured out how to multitask by inviting attractive and witty librarians over to their basements to play video games. Tricky, tricky . . .

There were all these warnings about keeping the remote (I am not even going to call it a Wii-mote because I am not three years old, thank you) attached to your wrist and watching what you're doing so you don't hit anyone in the face or send the remote flying through the TV screen. Which, fair enough.

Now my arms are sore. Only I was totally good for my first time, I've decided. Turns out Wii baseball is the only kind I can play without public embarrassment, shame, and injury. I actually won twice when the game invoked the Mercy Rule after I got 6 home runs. I've never heard of there being a Mercy Rule in real baseball, but whatever. It means I win. I win I win I win. At video games of sports.

It is like Opposites Day!!!


Jenny said... [reply]

See, I was listening to something one time about how the Wii will be the end of children because they are going to get all disgruntled if they ever get off their lazy butts and go outside to learn that tennis and baseball and all these things you can do with the Wii are actually hard. I found it interesting.

Tusk said... [reply]


As opposed to Children not getting up off their butts at all? The odds are that at least some kids will try some of those sports, which can't be a bad thing, considering they might not bother leaving the couch otherwise.

DanaLee said... [reply]

Nem, I had a date for my birthday (I know!) and the boy took me back to his place to play Wii after dinner. Same grumblings about stupid boys and their games, only he had bowling. BOWLING I SAY! I love bowling and playing it on the Wii was so fun. I pretty much rocked it for my first time and I will refrain from bragging about how awesome I did at tennis. As I recall the boy was slightly bitter at how well I was doing for my first time. Go me. Of course we haven't been out since, is it jealousy or me dodging a bullet?

cooldad said... [reply]

Those that can, do. All the rest play video games and think they can.

daltongirl said... [reply]

Daltonman keeps telling everyone how great he is at bowling. And don't even get him started on talking about his tennis skills. Except, yeah.

ed said... [reply]

Some geniusness from cooldad...

I suck at video games but can hang with almost anyone in almost any sport.

Edgy said... [reply]

Now, I feel it only fair to warn you . . .

Perhaps DesMama has told you the marriage story of Coworker? She met her husband because he was one who was able to multitask. Meaning that he could play video games and carry on an intelligent conversation with an attractive and witty editor.

Of course, Coworker didn't get involved in the video game and kick his trash, so that might work against you. But still . . .

Miss Hass said... [reply]

Really, there's nothing like beating a boy at their own game. Or shooting. Or whatever.

Way to go you sassy librarian, you!

PS--The WV is mlgszpot and it looks vaguely...interesting.

Jimmy said... [reply]

Funny stuff tonight, Nem. I haven't tried the Wii yet, but I'll make a point of it so that I can challenge ya someday.

Cicada said... [reply]

Edgy---blah! I don't really want a man to multitask like that... not so romantic.

Nem, I congratulate you on your superior performance.

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