Triple-dog dare you

Laurie Berkner is Savvy's new favorite person, and while I stayed with them last week I got to see why. She sings these kids songs that are actually kind of silly and catchy and don't make you want to bludgeon yourself to death with a highchair.

Savannah put in the DVD and invited me to sing and dance along with her. Jenny told me I'd been given a high honor, because no one else was allowed to dance along lest they be killed and eaten by an irate Savannah.

Anyway, here's the dare: Watch this video twice and then TRY to not have that song in your head. I spent the entire ULA conference (and a couple of days after) randomly singing, "Hey, Victor . . . "

This was more fun when Savvy was around, because she would always pipe right up with, "Hey, Freddy . . . " and then we would finish the chorus together and the clouds would part and rainbows would arc over us and people in the streets stopped to watch the preciousness of it all.


Edgy said... [reply]

Sometimes I must question my devotion to you. Because now I have a song about spaghetti and collard greens on my iPod. And I don't like spaghetti or collard greens.

Echoscout said... [reply]

That was evil and unfair, I need help getting this song out of my head now....maybe I'll listen to love shack a couple of times to help...

blackjazz said... [reply]

My favourite children's song is still the one song by Phoebe Buffay (for all you librarians out there, it's season 2 episode 12):

Oh the cow in the meadow goes "moo"
Oh the cow in the meadow goes "moo"
Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up
And that's how we get hamburgers.
Noooowwwww chickens!

Jenny said... [reply]

Wow. When I opened your website Savannah was next to me and said 'It's Bictor Bito!'

Desmama said... [reply]

Yup. Hooked. DesTot keeps asking for it "One more time!"

Cicada said... [reply]

Had to turn on other music after listening to that...

Sakhmet said... [reply]

I mean, it's cute and everything, but are the purple pleather pants really necessary?

Jér said... [reply]


<ahem> I mean, clearly they are necessary.

Ahnteis said... [reply]


I'm sorry. If you watch it, it will stick in your head. Forever. But I'm pretty sure that it has no redeeming value.

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