Note to Kyoto Sushi in Logan, UT

When attractive and witty librarians are at your restaurant to have some sushi for the first time in months and months and they want to have the best experience possible, here is a sure-fire way to make said librarians hate you:

Keep walking up to the table every 3 minutes to see if the party is ready to order. Just keep doing it, over and over again. Don't let the fact that they're still all looking at the menus and talking about what's on them dissuade you. That means nothing. They're just holding the menus up and looking at them like that because they're bored. And they're trying to psych you out. Don't fall for it. Everyone likes to be pestered at restaurants. Really.

Don't, whatever you do, wait for them to set down the menus and look over to where you are standing, arms crossed, watching them. Because that would just be crazy. And it might get you a tip, which, hi, like you want those.

So, yeah. Those are my words to the server at Kyoto Sushi. The food was fine, except that I ended up with a caterpillar roll only because the girl was staring me down and I was tired of playing her sick game so I just picked something. Too bad I ate it with a steaming side of hate.

I'm going to go back to give the place a second chance and to try more of the rolls. But so help me if I get that same girl I'm just going to tell her right from the start that it might take us awhile to order and we'll let her know when we are ready and she had better not come near me until then.

caterpillar roll image from www.asahisushi.com


Tusk said... [reply]

You ate a friggin caterpillar? Gross!

Miss Hass said... [reply]

That is possibly more annoying than being ignored.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Skip sushi and go to the Thai place down on 4th (?) South. Called Kamin. Amazing food.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

That really looks like the huge nasty caterpillar I found in my garden last week. I am rather disturbed that there is food for human consumption that looks just like it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Um, I'm assuming these posts are jokes.


Anonymous said... [reply]

Okay, I just remembered something. Nem, I ate lunch today with two friends, one who is moving away, at Garcia's. I really do hate that place but she likes it so,,,,,,we are ordering and my friend asks for plenty of lettuce in her salad because lately they've been skimping on the lettuce. My other friend makes a substitution. I just ordered. So a few minutes later the server comes back and asks the second friend what she wanted again "because she was still thinking about what the first person ordered and got confused." I guess it's okay that she was honest, but I got it and I don't usually get anything the first time and my friend repeated what she wanted twice. So my chicken salad had three bites of chicken in it and I complained to the server that a chicken salad for 10.75 should have more than three pieces of chicken. So she comes back with a small serving plate with about 6 very small cut up peices of chicken laying on it. I was so tempted to bust out laughing and ask "what the heck is that???" I refrained, but now I actually wish I had said it. Garcia's in Eagle River is the worst place ever.

Anonymous said... [reply]

They are now Takara Sushi, not sure what the deal is with the change or what happened but it's an improvement. Me and a collegue had a very similar experiance at Kyoto when it first opened. It was not a waitress, but a waiter who was the problem. I think he asked how things were 10 times. Asked personal questions, and specific questions about the food such as "so why did you order the spicy tuna, do you like spicy food, was it spicy enough?". He also wanted input about how they could improve, but did so in an annoying interogative way - What could we improve, would you come back, what was your favorite item, how did it rate compared to other sushi. I felt like I was trapped in some sort of marketing class experiment from hell! We laughed about it later. I was not in the mood to play with him, otherwise I probably would have given some wry answers and asked him some questions to see how far I could take it. Now they are very polite, and always say goodbye. The service is almost imperceptable - which is nice when you go out to socialize or talk business.

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